8 Best Android App For Wifi Password Show

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Download the Best Android App For Wifi Password Show on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, wireless connectivity has become a crucial aspect of our daily lives. With an ever-increasing number of devices requiring internet access, it is important to have a reliable and secure WiFi network at home or in the office. However, in certain situations, you may encounter instances where you forget your WiFi password and need to retrieve it. This is where the best android app for WiFi password show comes in handy. This article will discuss the benefits of using such an app and how it can make your life easier.

The best android app for WiFi password show is a powerful tool that can help you retrieve your WiFi network’s password with ease. It works by scanning your device’s saved WiFi networks and displaying the password in a simple and easy-to-understand format. This ensures that you never have to worry about forgetting your WiFi password again, and can quickly connect your device to the network without any hassle.

One of the key benefits of using this app is its ease of use.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Android App For Wifi Password Show for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Android App For Wifi Password Show


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Wps Wpa Tester is an app that enables users to detect common security flaws in their Wireless Access Points and test the speed of their network using the SpeedTest feature. The app can be used on Android devices that are less than Pie (9) or rooted Android devices. Users can carry out several WPS PIN attacks to identify any issues with their Access Point wireless or router. After detecting security flaws, the app provides suggestions on how to improve the security of the Access Point. The app is designed to educate users about the vulnerability of their own Access Point and should only be used with their own Access Point/Router/Modem to avoid violating the law.

2. WiFi Password Recovery

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WIFI Password Recovery is an Android application that allows users to recover and view saved or scanned wifi passwords from their devices. However, to use this app, the device needs to be rooted. Once authorized with super-user permissions, users can recover saved/scanned wifi network passwords and view them on their device. The app can also detect wifi history and display the SSID and password details.

The app is free and features an easy-to-use interface. It allows users to copy the wifi passwords to their clipboard and share them using different methods, including SMS, email, or creating a QR code. Additionally, if the user signs in with their Google account, they can back up their wifi passwords and restore them on other rooted devices.

WIFI Password Recovery offers a simple and powerful solution to view wifi passwords on Android devices. It also provides a backup feature that enables users to monitor their network and store their wifi passwords securely on their Google account. The app is a useful tool for those who have forgotten their wlan password and need to connect new devices to their wifi network or share their password with friends. However, it is important to note that the app only works with rooted devices.

In conclusion, WIFI Password Recovery is a convenient application for users to recover, restore, and share their wifi passwords on Android devices. If users encounter any issues with the app, they can contact the developer via email for support.

3. Wifi Password Show

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WiFi Password Show is an Android app that allows users to easily find previously saved WiFi passwords on their device. The app retrieves and displays a list of WiFi passwords for previously connected networks, showing the SSID names. The app can also generate a QR code for the WiFi password and allows for sharing and saving of WiFi passwords in a text file. It should be noted that the app requires root access and is not a WiFi password hacker.

The app features various options such as showing, sharing, copying and saving WiFi passwords. It also displays connected WiFi information and includes a help section. The app is free and works on the latest Android version.

To use the app, users must open it and grant superuser root permission when prompted. Clicking on any list item will reveal more options. Users can also manually deny or grant superuser root permission with any superuser manager app.

WiFi Password Show also indicates if the device has root access or not. If a superuser permission dialogue appears when the app is opened, it means the device has root access. The app will notify users if their device is not rooted or if superuser permissions have not been granted.

The app requires root access to show WiFi passwords, but the developers do not encourage users to root their phone as it may damage the device and void the warranty. The developers can be contacted at contact@wifipasswordshow.app for any questions or suggestions.

4. Show Wifi Password – Network Scanner

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Show wifi password – Network Scanner is a free application that can be downloaded to manage and backup all connected wifi passwords on a user’s phone. This app allows users to share their wifi password without having to remember it by copying the shared wifi password stored to their friends.

To use Show wifi password, the user must download the application, turn on wifi, and scan for available wifi networks. The app displays the access point name and password, which can be copied to the clipboard and shared with friends via SMS, email, or social networking. Additionally, the app can recover wifi passwords, scan for existing wifi and add passwords to the application, and detect who is using the user’s wifi.

Advantages of Show wifi password include its easy-to-use interface and free availability. However, the app only works on rooted devices, and users must access the previous wifi to retrieve the password. If there are any issues, users can contact the app’s support team via email at junduong1415@gmail.com. Overall, if found useful, the app requests a 5-star review.

5. WiFi Passwords by Instabridge

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Instabridge is a free mobile app that allows users to find and connect to WiFi hotspots worldwide. With over 20 million passwords and hotspots in their database, Instabridge aims to make WiFi accessible to everyone. The app includes an offline map, making it perfect for traveling, and a data-saving web browser with 10x better compression than the competition. Instabridge automatically connects users to available WiFi networks and provides useful statistics on each network’s speed, popularity, and data usage. The app supports various WiFi security protocols and is easier to use than WPS. Joining the Instabridge community helps pave the way for making WiFi accessible to those who cannot afford it. The app has received positive reviews from Android Authority, El Android Libre, Lifehacker, and The Economist.

6. WiFi Password

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WiFi Password is a mobile application that provides free and secure WiFi connection. With millions of WiFi hotspots available, users can easily connect to a WiFi network without having to know the password. The app also includes a personal network security guard that allows users to share their WiFi password safely. Additionally, WiFi Password features a security test that enables users to scan the current WiFi network and detect its security level.

The app offers several features that make WiFi connection easy and safe. Firstly, WiFi Password provides millions of free WiFi hotspots nearby, allowing users to connect with just one click. Secondly, the app only provides trusted WiFi services and allows users to find and connect to free and user-shared WiFi networks. Thirdly, WiFi Password can detect WiFi networks automatically, ensuring swift and easy connections. Lastly, the app offers a security test feature that can detect the security level of the current WiFi network.

WiFi Password also allows users to share their WiFi network with others easily. Users can share free WiFi with others by adding the WiFi hotspot and sharing the password. Additionally, users can turn their mobile phone into a router and share their mobile network with friends.

The app ensures WiFi connection safety and trust by offering unrevealed WiFi passwords and keeping users away from unsafe WiFi hotspots. The security detection feature includes encrypt detecting, ARP detecting, and DNS detecting.

WiFi Password invites users to rate the app with five stars and contact them via email if they have any problems or suggestions.

7. Wifi Password Show & Hotspot

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Show WiFi Password is a mobile app that allows users to connect, manage, and share all their WiFi networks in one place. The app also includes additional features such as Net Blocker and a phone usage meter.

The app comes with a WiFi scanner feature that generates a list of nearby networks and hotspots, as well as displays their security details. It also has a password generator that creates secure passwords for WiFi hotspots with just one touch.

Other features of the app include Caller Information, which allows users to know who is calling and search for numbers outside their contact book. Net Blocker lets users disable the internet for selected apps, while the Internet Speed Test calculates the current internet speed with one tap.

The Speed Booster feature closes all background processes and apps to allocate optimum internet speed for the app currently in use. The Bandwidth Meter allows users to view their current bandwidth usage in real-time, while the List of Connected Devices feature provides details of all devices currently connected to their WiFi network.

Lastly, the App Data Usage feature shows the time spent on the phone, total launches, time spent on each app, and app data consumption. Users can also access their WiFi/IP settings and view signal strength, IP, MAC, DNS Address, and link speed of the network they are connected to.

Users can connect and stay updated with the app’s Facebook page and provide feedback and suggestions to their support email.

8. WiFi Password Viewer [ROOT]

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WiFi Password Viewer is an application that enables users to view the passwords of WiFi networks they have previously connected to. However, it is important to note that ROOT access is required for this app to function properly. Additionally, some devices, such as Samsung, encrypt WiFi passwords, which may prevent the app from displaying them clearly. In such cases, users can follow the instructions provided in the Welcome Alert Dialog or visit android.stackexchange.com for assistance in decrypting WPA Supplicant Conf on Samsung Galaxy Mobiles.

It should be noted that creating an application to show WiFi passwords without requiring root access is impossible. This is due to the fact that the file containing the passwords, wpa_supplicant.conf, is located in a location that is not accessible without administrator privileges (/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf).

Users who have any requests, reports, or other inquiries regarding the app are advised to send an email to simonedeveloper@gmail.com before leaving a negative review. Conversely, those who find the app helpful can consider leaving a positive review to show their support.