7 Best Android App For Underwater

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Download the Best Android App For Underwater on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe advancement of technology has opened up new opportunities for users to engage in underwater activities while capturing breathtaking moments. However, the ability to capture high-quality photos and videos underwater is often limited due to the lack of reliable and effective tools. Fortunately, there are now android applications available that can enhance the underwater photography and videography experience. These apps provide users with various features that allow them to take incredible photos and videos of marine life and underwater landscapes.

One of the essential features that users look for in an underwater photography and videography app is the ability to adjust camera settings such as ISO, exposure, and white balance. These settings are crucial in capturing the perfect shot, and a good app should provide users with the flexibility to adjust these settings according to their preferences. Additionally, the app should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, especially when using underwater equipment.

Another critical feature of an excellent underwater photography and videography app is the availability of filters and editing tools.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Underwater for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Underwater

1. DiveMate (Scuba Dive Log)

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DiveMate is a dive log book application designed to help divers easily document their diving experiences. The app allows users to connect their dive computer and transfer data, which can then be enriched with personal experiences such as photos, videos, and notes. For certain dive computer models, DiveMate offers Fusion accessories for transfer.

The app is also suitable for diving instructors in training. It allows students’ dive computers to be read directly after diving and analyzed on a tablet using the profile. DiveMate is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, and its logbook with manual entry of dives does not require any additional packs.

Additional features can be added through the one-time purchase of Extension Packs, which can be used on all Android devices. Features of the app include transfer from dive computers, fast and easy logging of dives, a complete logbook, a display of depth, pressure, and temperature profile, and the ability to capture diving experiences with photos, notes, and buddies with signatures.

Users can also access dive data such as RMV/SAC, weight, bottle, and gas parameters, brevet and medical instructions, and a multi-edit function. DiveMate offers the ability to share dives and dive sites, merge dives, re-number dives, manage dive sites with over 20 online maps (also available via GPS), and save many online maps for offline use when traveling.

2. SportDiver

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The SeaLife SportDiver underwater Smartphone housing is compatible with Samsung Galaxy and most other smartphones running Android operating system 10, 11 and up. It is equipped with a photo/video app that allows users to capture images and record video up to 130ft/40m underwater.

The app also offers a range of popular camera settings, including lens selection, zoom, auto/manual focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure (EV), white balance, color effect, 3-shot burst, photo & video resolution, RAW+JPEG capture, power save, display brightness, on-screen settings, and system reset.

Dual leak alarms are included in the housing, which provide on-screen alerts if the waterproof seal is compromised. In Playback mode, users can view photos and play videos. All files are saved to the smartphone’s native Photo app, allowing for easy editing and sharing.

For more information on the SeaLife SportDiver and sizing compatibility, please visit sealife-cameras.com.

3. Dive+ : World’s Diving Community

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Dive+ is an app designed to enhance the diving experience. It offers features such as color restoration for underwater photos, automatic dive logs, and a diving community for sharing. The app can also be used with a smartphone diving case to display real-time depth, time, and ascent speed. A separate interface is available for use as a dive computer when not taking photos. Dive+ aims to provide a more efficient and enjoyable diving experience.

4. UwEdit – Underwater color restoration

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This tool specifically caters to divers and photography enthusiasts to enhance underwater photos and videos with minimal effort. The application offers ease of use and produces stunning results in just a few clicks.

For photos, users can choose from various presets and make adjustments such as brightness, saturation, green-red balance, and others. Users can even save an edit as a custom preset for repetitive use. The app also provides the option to hide presets for better app overview and a faster startup. The batch mode feature enables processing of multiple images simultaneously, but this feature is only available in the PRO version.

For videos, users can make color corrections using various adjustments. The app allows users to choose separate output folders for both images and videos. Additionally, users can name the output files with prefixes and suffixes only in the PRO version.

The app is not fully supported for Android versions below 5.0, and the functionality is limited for such versions. Users are encouraged to leave a rating if they find the app helpful. To remove the watermark from photos and videos, enable extra features, and support development, users can purchase the PRO version.

5. Diving Log

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Diving Log is a scuba dive log app that allows divers to keep their logbook with them at all times on their Android device, eliminating the need for a physical, paper logbook. The app can directly download dives from supported dive computers via USB or Bluetooth, and can synchronize, display, and edit dives from the Windows desktop version of Diving Log 6.0. Users can enter dives directly on their phone or tablet or use the desktop version to transfer them to their Android device.

The app’s features include standalone use as a dive logbook app, Dropbox synchronization and backup, statistics and charts, navigation, and online dive site search. Users can view all their dive sites on a map using Google Maps integration, capture dive site coordinates via GPS, and have their buddy digitally sign their dives. Divers can also manage their equipment, trips, buddies, dive shops, certifications, and personal data, and import data from DiveMate.

Diving Log supports multiple languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. The app requires certain permissions, such as in-app purchases to unlock unlimited editing of dives, contacts to import buddies, location to add GPS coordinates to dive sites, Bluetooth to download dive computers, USB storage to write and read logbook files, internet for online dive site search and Dropbox sync, and disable sleep during synchronization.

6. Deepblu – Enhance Your Dive

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Deepblu offers an online platform for booking dive experiences at various locations, utilizing user reviews and media to help plan dive travel. Users can book dives directly by chatting with local dive shops.

The Deepblu app provides the most intuitive dive log with the ability to enrich dive logs with underwater photos and videos. Dive logs can be created automatically by synchronizing dive computers via Bluetooth, with compatibility for most dive computers on the market. Instructors can certify Deepblu dive logs in-app, and users can build their diver identity.

Users can explore popular dive destinations around the world, with information on dive sites, travel planning, and shared underwater media. Specific locations include Cancun, Tulum, and Bali.

Deepblu is compatible with various dive computers, including Deepblu COSMIQ+, SCUBAPRO Aladin Sport, Galileo 2, Aladin H Matrix, TUSA DC Solar Link IQ1204, and Shearwater Petrel 2, Perdix, Perdix AI, Nerd 2. Additionally, the app is compatible with Subsurface, which supports nearly 200 other dive computers from popular brands.

The Deepblu app is recognized as the official digital training log of international dive agencies such as IDA, ITDA & DIWA. Instructors can digitally sign their students’ logs directly on the app, which counts towards certification.

7. Diving Camera

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Waterproof sports cameras can be costly, and they often lack autofocus lenses, leading to lower picture quality compared to smartphones. A potential cost-effective solution is to use a waterproof case for your phone when taking pictures and recording videos underwater. However, this may pose difficulties as it can be challenging to use the regular camera application underwater or when the case is water-stained. Additionally, seawater can interfere with the touch screen, causing random touch events that disrupt the camera application’s function.

One solution to this problem is the SQZSoft Diving Camera, specifically designed to address these issues. This camera enables users to control the camera through the volume keys, Bluetooth remote controller, and Computer Vision (CV) technology. Before use, users must ensure that the waterproof case is working correctly and that the phone is correctly sealed. Once ready, they can start the SQZSoft Diving Camera and click the Start service button on the main screen while turning off the phone screen to prevent misoperation.

Users can control the camera by the volume keys, where the down key automatically takes a picture every three seconds, and the interval can be changed in the setting. The down button stops taking pictures, while the up key starts recording video, with the down button stopping it. Alternatively, users can use a Bluetooth remote controller to connect to their phones and press the play button or next song button to start/stop taking pictures and the play button twice or the previous song key to start/stop recording video.