7 Best Android App For Tracking Weights

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Download the Best Android App For Tracking Weights on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWeight tracking is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regularly monitoring and recording weight measurements can help individuals stay on track with their fitness goals and make informed decisions about their diet and exercise routine. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, numerous apps have emerged to help users manage their weight and track their progress. However, not all weight tracking apps are created equal. In this article, we will explore the key features of the best Android app for tracking weights.

First and foremost, the best Android app for tracking weights should offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users should be able to easily input and access their weight measurements, set goals, and view their progress over time. Additionally, the app should allow users to customize their experience by providing options to track additional data points such as body fat percentage, water intake, and exercise routines.

Another important feature of the best Android app for tracking weights is the ability to sync data across multiple devices.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Tracking Weights for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Tracking Weights

1. Monitor Your Weight

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The Weight Tracker App is an award-winning tool designed to assist individuals following a diet or exercise program to achieve their target weight within a predetermined timeframe. It won the 7th Annual Best App Ever Awards under the Health category and was also recognized as the Best App developed in Kuwait under the Annual Informatics Awards.

Using the app, users can enter their weight regularly and track their progress through graphs and statistics. It is possible to create multiple profiles to monitor the progress of family members, friends, or colleagues. The app also suggests an ideal weight and recommends the amount of time required to achieve the target based on the user’s current weight, height, body frame, gender, and age.

The app’s main features include a weight tracker that can monitor single or multiple profiles, tracking of various body measurements, synchronization of data between devices or to the server, and calculations of ideal weight, BMI, daily calorie intake, percentage body fat, total weight loss, remaining weight, average daily and weekly loss, overall progress, and the ability to enter new weights at earlier dates. It also includes a privacy PIN lock, multiple language localization in over 15 languages, and the possibility of exporting all recorded data. Furthermore, the app integrates with digital scales such as Withings, Aria, and WiT.

2. Weight Loss Tracker & BMI – aktiBMI

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The aktiBMI app is designed to assist individuals in losing weight and monitoring the success of their diet. It provides users with a body weight diary to observe progress towards desired weight, and encourages them to further improve their body. The app also includes a BMI calculator to determine if an individual is overweight, underweight or has a normal weight.

The app features a detailed body weight diary that provides graphical statistics on an individual’s body weight improvements. The app tracks and comments on achievements to motivate users to improve. It also includes a BMI calculator to easily calculate an individual’s BMI and find out if they are overweight, underweight or have a normal weight.

For health-conscious individuals, aktiBMI provides a detailed analysis of their physical constitution and changes in weight, allowing them to easily monitor their body. As for athletes, the app is ideal for those who want to increase muscle mass and optimize their body weight.

aktiBMI includes a variety of features such as a body weight tracker, targeting of desired weight, professional BMI calculator, motivation incentives, body data tracker, weight goals and charts & statistics. Furthermore, aktiBMI can be accessed at www.aktibmi.com.

3. Weight Gain Diet Plan & Foods

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The Weight Gain Diet Plan & Foods app is a free resource that offers helpful tips and diet ideas for individuals looking to gain weight in a safe and efficient manner. These tips were developed by experienced and professional dietitians to aid both men and women in achieving their desired weight goals. The app provides a variety of primary categories such as tips for severely underweight, tips for underweight, tips for healthy lifestyle, perfect meal times, foods to gain weight, consultation with a dietician, and personal diet chart requests tailored to an individual’s body parameters.

In addition, the app offers an in-built functionality to contact a dietician should users have any queries or require further assistance. Overall, the Weight Gain Diet Plan & Foods app provides a convenient and informative resource for those seeking to gain weight in a healthy and effective manner.

4. FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

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FitNotes is a workout tracking application that emphasizes simplicity and a clean design. The app is ad-free and offers several features to help users keep track of their progress.

The workout log feature allows users to quickly view and navigate their daily workout logs by swiping between them or using the inbuilt calendar to go to a specific day. Users can add an exercise to the workout log and record sets of weight and reps or distance and time, attach comments/notes to sets, and use the rest timer with sound and vibration options. The app also allows users to re-order exercises they’ve added to a workout log by pressing and dragging the blue drag icon.

The app’s exercise database includes a default selection of categories, each containing a small default list of exercises. Users can also create custom categories to better suit their training program and add new exercises quickly using the Save and New feature. The app offers two exercise types: resistance and cardio, which can be recorded in weight and reps or distance and time, respectively.

FitNotes also offers a routines feature, which allows users to create a routine to provide quick access to their most commonly used exercises, assign exercises to a particular day within the routine, and name a day whatever they want. Users can select a single exercise from a day within the routine to add it to the training log or hit Log All to add an empty set for each exercise, which can then be filled in later.

5. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

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The Strong app has received high praise from both CNBC and The Verge. It is a workout and exercise tracker designed to simplify the process of recording workouts, with over 3 million downloads to date. The app is geared towards those looking to gain strength, muscle mass, or just maintain their fitness. The app is optimized for a progressive barbell routine, but can be adapted to any other fitness routine.

Strong features a simple interface, with a comprehensive range of cardio and strength exercises. Users can add their own exercises and routines with ease, and detailed exercise instructions with animated videos are available. Advanced statistics show personal records and progression, including one rep max and total weight lifted. The app also includes a built-in auto countdown timer to record rest breaks, and support for multiple exercise types.

Additional features of Strong include the ability to tag sets as warm up, failure, or drop sets, as well as support for supersets/grouped exercises. Progress can be tracked with graphs for volume and 1RM progression. The app also includes a built-in body measurements tracker to record weight and other vitals, with support for Google Fit. A warm up calculator and plate calculator are available when weights get high.

Strong supports both Imperial (lbs) and Metric (kg) weights, or a combination of both. Users can add notes to their workouts and easily share routines and workouts with friends. All data can be exported in CSV format via email.

6. Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Calculator – WeightFit

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This weight loss tracker is designed to help users with weight control, whether they aim to lose weight or reach a specific weight goal. The app offers an integrated BMI calculator which can calculate the user’s BMI and suggested ideal weight. Additionally, users can set their own target weight for the tool to help them achieve their goals.

The app offers features such as daily weight tracking, various charts and visualizations to analyze weight history, and the ability to set and monitor progress towards a desired weight. Users can also view statistics related to their weight such as average weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and the difference from the starting weight. The app can remind users to track their weight in the diary if they choose, and users can input weights in either metric or imperial units. There is also an optional feature to sync weight data with a user’s Google Fit account.

The app emphasizes the importance of weight control to minimize the risks associated with obesity and overweight, such as hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. Users are encouraged to review the app and provide feedback, as well as contact the developer directly with any suggestions or comments.

7. Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

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JEFIT is a workout tracking planner app that provides a free fitness program database to help individuals track their workouts to transform their bodies. The app offers various programs, from beginner to advanced levels, including bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, and kettlebell routines, among others. It is suitable for individuals who love training at the gym on their own schedule or who have logged their workouts in a journal or planner.

JEFIT has over eight million users who use the app to track their workouts and reach their strength, weight and fat loss, and training goals. The app motivates users by rewarding them for consistency, pushing themselves to new personal records, and committing to challenges with the community. The app’s top features include web or app tracking, a Wear OS app, exercise instruction database, intuitive tools, training programs, and goal setting.

JEFIT offers programs for any fitness level with a full instruction database. The app has various special tools and features, including access from desktop and web, rest timer, supersets and circuit training routines, interval timer, set notes, and 1 rep max calculator, among others. The app supports 1,300 exercises with full HD videos in its database and personalized charts for lifting volume, benchmarking, analysis and instructions.

Overall, JEFIT is an app that provides a comprehensive system to track workout training routines.