7 Best Android App For Tracking Phone Usage

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Download the Best Android App For Tracking Phone Usage on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonSmartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. With the increasing use of mobile phones, it is essential to monitor and manage the time spent on different applications. This is where phone usage tracking applications come into play. These applications enable users to track the amount of time spent on each application and provide valuable insights to improve productivity and reduce screen time. In this article, we will explore the best Android app for tracking phone usage.

The app provides users with real-time information about their phone usage, including the time spent on each application, the number of times the phone has been unlocked, and the number of notifications received. It also offers a detailed analysis of daily, weekly, and monthly usage patterns, allowing users to set goals and monitor their progress.

One of the app’s unique features is its ability to track usage across multiple devices. This is particularly helpful for users who use multiple devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Tracking Phone Usage for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Tracking Phone Usage

1. Social Fever: App Time Tracker

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Social Fever is a phone/app usage tracker designed to help users balance their digital and real-life activities. It provides an effective tracking engine that records time spent on social media and other applications, sending notifications when set time limits have been exceeded. The app also includes features to facilitate reducing phone usage, such as water reminders and eye/ear health tracking tools. Daily reports display statistics and detailed information on individual app usage, allowing users to better understand what constitutes ‘wise usage.’ Social Fever includes additional features, such as backstage power saving and a floating real-time tracker, to ensure it is always available to users.

2. Check Data Usage – Monitor Internet Data Usage

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The Check Data Usage app is designed to help users manage their mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, and ultimately save on monthly phone data bills. The app monitors data usage by apps and notifies users about data over-usage, as well as offering tips to optimize phone battery consumption.

The app offers a range of features, including a Data Tracker for monitoring mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption, a Speed Test for checking download and upload speeds, a Smart Data Plan Usage feature that informs users about the apps that consume the most data, and a Plan History summary of past data consumption.

Users can also set a data limit and receive usage notifications when that limit is surpassed, helping to save on monthly bills and use data wisely. The app tracks both mobile and Wi-Fi data usage separately, helping users to understand which app uses which data.

Setting a data limit and using the app is easy – users simply need to tap the Plan tab, set plan validity, data limit, and starting date, and confirm the data plan limit for 30 days before tapping Set Data Plan.

The benefits of using Check Data Usage include real-time monitoring of mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, the ability to set usage alerts, compatibility with any plan, billing cycle and carrier, separate information about cellular and Wi-Fi data usage, and easy-to-use daily data limit settings.

3. QualityTime : Phone Addiction

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Qualitytime is a mobile application that helps users monitor and reduce their phone usage. It has been trusted by over 1,000,000 users and aims to protect their time from phone addiction. The app provides real-time reports on how much time is spent on the phone and on specific apps, allowing users to discover their digital habits. Users can customize tracking by apps and exclude them if necessary. The app also offers features such as device usage alerts, app usage alerts, and the ability to plan a scheduled break. Qualitytime is easy to use and offers a variety of features. Users can provide feedback, feature requests, and suggestions to support.apps@mobidays.com.

4. Phone Check and Test

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Phone Check and Test is an Android app that enables users to quickly test the hardware components of their phones. It has the capability to test cellular, Wi-Fi, display, touchscreen, GPS, audio, camera, sensors, storage, memory, CPU, and battery. The app provides a guided process to perform the tests and generates a phone information report, which can be emailed. It also allows users to monitor their device usage and signal strengths. The app is helpful for troubleshooting and diagnostics, identifying hardware problems, and checking for issues before relying on the phone for daily activities.

Phone Check and Test is configurable and runs as a series of tests and checks. It includes tests for device information, low memory suggestions, low internal storage suggestions, battery, telephony and Wi-Fi network, network gateway ping, Bluetooth, NFC, audio, display, touch screen, network and GPS location, physical appearance, fingerprint sensor, supported sensors, thermal stress, CPU stress, memory stress, storage stress, battery usage, and temperature. The app provides detailed device information such as brand, model, product, serial number, weight, dimensions, operating system, display type, resolution, multi-touch, processor, RAM, internal storage, primary shared storage, camera, battery, telephony and Wi-Fi networks, and supported sensors. The app generates a report after the test is completed.

5. Digital Wellbeing

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Digital Wellbeing is a feature that allows users to track their digital habits and disconnect as desired. By providing a daily view of digital habits, users can see how often they use different apps, receive notifications, and check their phones or devices.

To disconnect, users can take advantage of features such as daily app timers, bedtime mode, and focus mode. The daily app timers allow users to set limits on how much they use specific apps. Bedtime mode reminds users to switch off at night by fading the screen to grayscale and silencing notifications with Do Not Disturb. Focus mode lets users pause distracting apps with a single tap and set a schedule to reduce distractions during work, school, or home activities.

To get started with Digital Wellbeing, users can simply look for it in their phone’s settings menu. If they have any questions, they can refer to the Help Centre at https://support.google.com/android/answer/9346420.

6. RescueTime Time Management and Digital Wellness

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RescueTime is a time-management tool that automatically tracks your application usage on your Android device and desktop computer, providing insights into how you spend your day to help you build better habits and beat distractions. Its invisible productivity and app-usage tracking feature categorizes activities by productivity level, allowing you to see how your phone usage impacts your day, work patterns, and overall focus. You can also set screen time goals, log offline activities, and use the FocusTime feature to block distracting websites and put your phone in do-not-disturb mode. Premium features include distraction management, real-time alerts, unlimited data history, and more reporting details and filters.

RescueTime requires an email as a user name to identify your login across multiple devices, but the email is never shared with anyone. The permissions it requests on your phone are designed to make tracking possible, and more information is available on its website. The free and paid subscriptions are fully supported, and the company happily extends Pro trials if there are any issues with the setup. For any issues or questions, users can contact the support team via the help system or email.

7. StayFree – Stay Focused

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StayFree is a self-control and productivity app that helps users track and limit the time they spend on their smartphones. The app allows users to set usage limits for apps and receive alerts when they exceed those limits. It also provides usage statistics and details on usage history. StayFree is highly rated and has a user-friendly interface, accurate usage statistics, and quick customer support. Furthermore, it is ad-free and battery-friendly.

StayFree is designed to help users overcome phone addiction, stay focused, exercise self-control, reduce screen time, reduce distractions, boost productivity, unplug more often, increase digital well-being, spend quality time with family or oneself, and reduce wasted time with digital detox.

The app offers various features, including app usage history charts and statistics, over-use reminders, block mode to temporarily block overused applications, focus mode to schedule distracting apps, sleep mode to disable apps during sleeping hours, pause apps to stop using them for the rest of the day, export mode to export usage history to CSV or Microsoft Excel file, inspiring quotations that encourage productivity and less usage of the phone, interface customization, lock mode to require a password to change the settings, widget to show most-used apps and total usage, and pie chart graph to view daily and monthly application usage percentages.

StayFree uses Android’s Accessibility Services to detect the website users are on and block websites they have requested to block.