7 Best Android App For Screen Setting

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Download the Best Android App For Screen Setting on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe screen settings of an Android device play a significant role in its overall user experience. From adjusting brightness levels to controlling color temperature, users need a convenient and effective way to customize their display settings according to their preferences. With the multitude of options available in the market, finding the best Android app for screen settings can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore some of the top contenders and evaluate their features to help you make an informed decision.

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing an Android app for screen settings is its user interface. A well-designed interface can make navigation and customization a breeze, while a cluttered or confusing interface can be frustrating and counterproductive. Additionally, the app should offer a wide range of settings and options, including brightness, contrast, color temperature, and others.

Another important aspect to consider is the app’s compatibility with your device.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Screen Setting for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Screen Setting

1. Microsoft Launcher

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Microsoft Launcher is an Android application that offers users a personalized home screen experience. With its highly customizable features, users can easily organize everything on their phone, including their calendar and to-do lists. Additionally, the app allows users to set up a personalized feed that includes Sticky Notes, making it easier for them to keep track of important information. Microsoft Launcher can be set up as a new home screen, and users can either start fresh with their favorite apps or import their existing home screen layout.

The latest version of Microsoft Launcher has been rebuilt on a new codebase, which has allowed the introduction of new features such as personalized news and dark mode. The app also offers improved load time, less memory use, better battery performance, and fluent animation.

Microsoft Launcher offers several features, including customizable icons, beautiful wallpapers, dark theme, and improved performance. Users can give their phone a consistent look and feel with custom icon packs and adaptive icons. They can also enjoy a fresh new image from Bing every day or choose their own photos as their wallpaper. With the introduction of the dark theme, users can comfortably use their phone at night or in low light environments. Additionally, Microsoft Launcher now loads faster, uses less memory, is more battery efficient, and offers fluent animations.

Users who choose to install Microsoft Launcher agree to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The app can replace the default launcher or toggle between device launchers.

2. Muzei Earth View

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Muzei Earth View is an add-on for the Muzei Live Wallpaper that showcases a variety of striking satellite images. Users can access a detailed map of the area by selecting the description in the Muzei app. To utilize this extension, the Muzei application must be installed. It’s worth noting that since Muzei 3.0, users can modify the wallpaper switching for all extensions by navigating to Sources → Auto Advance. Additionally, Earth View is an open-source project, and the code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/arturdryomov/muzei-earth-view.

3. Pixel Launcher

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Pixel Launcher is a home screen interface designed specifically for Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. The launcher provides easy access to personalized information through Google cards, which can be accessed by swiping right from the home screen. Customized news and other personalized information that is relevant to the user are displayed at the appropriate time.

The launcher comes with several key features, including quick access to Google Search from the primary home screen. Users can swipe up on the bottom Favorites row to access all their apps from A-Z. Additionally, App Suggestions bring the app that the user is looking for to the top of the A-Z list, making it easy to find.

Pixel Launcher also supports shortcuts for apps that support them. Users can long-press on an app to jump directly to the relevant section or long-press on the shortcut to drag it to the home screen. This feature makes it easier for users to access their frequently used apps quickly.

Overall, Pixel Launcher is a powerful home screen interface that provides a highly personalized experience to Google Pixel and Pixel XL users. With its intuitive design and advanced features, it offers a seamless and efficient way to access information and applications.

4. Enovix KLCK

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This app offers a collection of custom lock screens with animations and colorful designs. Users can enjoy the ability to showcase a different lock screen with these themes. The app features 12 animated lock screens and a simple, visually pleasing interface.

It should be noted that these themes are only compatible with the KLCK app. To fully utilize the functions of these themes, users must first install the KLCK app and its respective key. The KLCK app can be downloaded through the following link: https://goo.gl/CmA5wB. The KLCK Key, which is necessary for unlocking all functions, can be downloaded here: https://goo.gl/SwpNxc. Users are reminded not to rate the app poorly due to its compatibility requirements.

5. Lawnchair 2

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Lawnchair 2 is a launcher application that comes with new and advanced features such as Adaptive Icons support, a flexible Desktop, Dock, and Drawer, Drawer Categories, integration with Android Recents, automatic Dark Mode, contextual data in At a Glance, Notification Dots, and integration with Google Feed and Homefeeder. Support for Lawnchair 2 can be accessed through Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. However, Lawnchair 2 does not officially support Android 10.

It is important to note that Lawnchair 2 requires QuickSwitch for Android 9 users to enable integration with Android Recents, and Lawnfeed and Homefeeder to enable integration with Google Feed and Homefeeder, respectively. Lawnchair 2 also uses the Device Administrator permission to lock the screen when a selected gesture is detected, which is optional and disabled by default.

6. Twilight: Blue light filter

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Twilight is an app that adjusts the screen of your device according to the time of the day, filtering blue light emissions at sunset, and providing a soft and pleasant red filter. Recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before bedtime may affect your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause difficulty in falling asleep. The photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin, is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range, which may suppress the production of Melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycles. Scientific studies have shown that reading on a tablet or smartphone before bedtime may delay sleep by one hour.

Twilight has been proven to be effective for night reading, as it reduces the screen backlight below the ability of the device’s backlight controls. It has been tested on an AMOLED screen for five years without any depletion or over-burning, and may even increase the life span of your screen. The app’s filter intensity is adjusted to the sun cycle based on your local sunrise and sunset times. The app requires certain permissions to function, such as location to find out your current sunset/sunrise time, running apps to stop Twilight in selected apps, write settings to set backlight, and network access to smart light (Philips HUE) to shield you household light from blue.

7. Settings App

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The app allows for different configurations and settings to be applied to individual apps, such as volume, orientation, network conditions, Bluetooth connection, screen brightness, and screen awake settings. The user can create a profile for each app, which will be automatically applied upon launching the app. The profile serves as a setting template for the app and is only applied when the app starts. A default profile can also be set up, which will be applied when running all other apps and when the screen is off.

This feature saves time and battery by eliminating the need to manually switch off system functions. The user can adjust the profile settings as needed or reduce the screen brightness when necessary, ensuring that power-hungry features like WiFi and Bluetooth are not left on by mistake. The app also allows for app behavior to be configured, such as specifying orientation or keeping the screen awake for reading or watching videos.

It is advised not to use other profile tools with this app to avoid conflicts.