8 Best Android App For Round Robin Tournament

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Download the Best Android App For Round Robin Tournament on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonRound Robin tournaments have become a popular format of sports competitions in recent years, due to their effectiveness in ensuring that each participant plays against every other participant. While organizing a round robin tournament can be a challenging task, there are Android apps available to simplify the process. Such apps can help users create schedules, manage participants and track results. In this article, we will review some of the best Android apps for round robin tournaments.

The apps discussed in this article have been selected based on their features, user reviews and overall functionality. Each app has its own unique set of features and advantages, making it suitable for different types of tournaments. Some of these apps offer advanced features such as automatic scheduling, team management, and detailed statistics. Others are more basic and designed for simple tournaments with fewer participants.

Whether you are organizing a small tournament among friends or a large-scale competition with multiple teams, a good round robin tournament app can help you stay organized and save time.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Android App For Round Robin Tournament for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Android App For Round Robin Tournament

1. Go Tournament Maker

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A round-robin tournament involves every team playing against every other team once or more than twice. This format can accommodate up to 20 teams and a maximum of 5 repeats. The game table and rankings can be shared through various channels such as Twitter, email, and others.

A bracket tournament is a knockout-style competition with teams being randomly shuffled or not. The bracket format can handle up to 20 teams, and the draw can be shared through Twitter, email, or other platforms.

A rating tournament orders teams based on their rating or skill level. Winning a match increases a team’s rating, while losing decreases it. It also supports the use of handicaps. This format can accommodate unlimited teams, and standings can be shared through Twitter, email, and other means.

2. Tournament Maker

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The tournament creation feature allows for a multitude of uses, such as organizing tournaments for games like chess, football, and other games. The process is simple and involves selecting the winning player, making it an accessible feature for anyone to use.

One type of tournament that can be created is the round-robin tournament, where each team plays against every other team at least once or more than twice. This type of tournament accommodates up to 25 teams with a maximum of 5 repeats. To share the game table and rank, the feature allows to do so through Twitter, email or other similar platforms.

Another type of tournament is the bracket tournament or knockout tournament. The feature offers the option of shuffling teams or not, and is also capable of accommodating up to 25 teams. The draw can be shared through Twitter, email or other similar platforms.

The rating tournament is different from the previous two, as it orders teams by rate. The rate increases when a team wins and decreases when it loses. This tournament can accommodate an unlimited amount of teams, and the standings can be shared via Twitter, email or other similar platforms.

Additional features include the ability to make web pages for the tournaments created and the option to backup and restore data.

3. Tournament Manager

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The tournament management application allows users to create and oversee tournaments. Participants can be added, and a Round Robin schedule can be generated. Results can be managed, and standings can be viewed within the application.

Users can grant access to other individuals to view Results and Standings or to manage the Tournament. The Results and Standings can be accessed through a browser, making it easy to share with other smartphone or desktop users.

As all data is stored in the cloud, the application requires network access. In case of any issues or suggestions, users can email the developer at info@poquesoft.net.

4. Winner – Tournament Maker App

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Winner is a tournament manager and organizer app that allows users to easily create and manage tournaments for various sports types, such as football, basketball, tennis, and more. With Winner, users can create multiple teams or players, generate an entire match schedule with a single click, and customize the tournament format from a predefined set of options, including league, cup, group stage, round robin, playoffs, series, knockout, single elimination bracket, double elimination bracket, or a customized format.

Moreover, Winner offers features such as match scheduling, tournament sharing, match events tracking, the ability to set up match venues, and offline and online modes for easy updates, even when offline. Additionally, users can further customize their tournaments by setting custom logos and pictures for tournaments, teams, players, and venues.

With Winner, users can also make their tournament public and enable tournament followers to become admins, helping to manage tournaments, update match results, and engage followers. The app is free and available for download.

5. instantLIGA tournament manager

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InstantLIGA is a tournament management app that allows users to plan, create, and manage tournaments for various sports and e-sports events. Users can choose from different tournament types such as knockouts, round robin, and pools with play-off. The app enables easy creation and updating of game schedules, teams, and venues for most sports and e-sports, including football, handball, floorball, tennis, badminton, FIFA, and CS: GO. With easy reporting of match results and automatic update of standings, users can easily follow tournaments and update results.

The app is free to use and can be used by clubs and individuals alike. It is ideal for planning small and large tournaments for clubs and smaller tournaments for family and friends. Users can choose whether to make the tournament public or not. The app is designed to be user-friendly for administrators, spectators, fans, friends, family, and officials/referees.

InstantLIGA offers a variety of tournament types, including knock-out, round robin, and pools with play-off. Users can schedule both A and B finals. The app allows users to plan tournaments in detail, from creating teams/participants and fields with location descriptions to scheduling breaks/rest periods and generating A and B finals. Users can also choose between automatic or manual seeding, and the app automatically updates the standings table after results are reported.

6. Tournament Organizer

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Tournament Organizer is an app designed for the management of Knockout tournaments and Round Robin leagues. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for players to customize and view their general statistics. The app automatically generates Fixtures and Standings for any number of players, calculates Tables, and draws the subsequent phases.

The first release of Tournament Organizer features general methods of implementation that can be applied to various disciplines or games. To ensure consistent statistics, the app only allows the deletion of Tournaments in Progress and players who have not participated in any tournament.

Future developments for Tournament Organizer include the addition of a Swiss-system tournament, Championship Grand Prix style, and Hybrid formats. These developments will provide players with more options for tournament management and customization.

7. The Tournaments Manager

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The Tournaments Manager is a software tool that simplifies tournament management tasks, providing a viable alternative to the traditional method of jotting down match results on pizza boxes. It can be used to manage various types of tournaments, such as King of the Hill, League, and Brackets, and enables historical data tracking and game statistics storage. Additionally, it allows the posting of tournament winners on Facebook and supports up to 32 players per tournament. The tool is particularly suitable for FIFA and PES tournaments and is offered for free. Overall, it is considered the best Tournament Maker and Bracket Builder available.

8. Scoreholio: Tournaments, Simplified.

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Scoreholio is a tournament management app suitable for tournaments of all sizes, from backyard games to large-scale tournaments. It simplifies the tournament management process by allowing organizers to pre-register or check-in players, then starting the tournament and letting the app handle the rest. The app features in-app tournament push notifications and colorful dashboards that guide players from check-in to the championship. Users can also use the app’s digital Freeplay scoreboard to keep track of pickup games or practice sessions.

Scoreholio offers a variety of tournament formats, including round-robin, single elimination and double elimination bracket, Squadholio, and pool play. It also allows organizers to pre-register players and collect entry fees directly through the app. The app notifies players when they’re up and which court they’re on, and it features global and club rankings, game tracking, and interactive scoreboards. Organizers can set the number of courts and rounds, time limits, and other settings, and change them during the tournament if needed.

Scoreholio supports a range of sports, including billiards, cornhole, darts, horseshoes, pickleball, pong, table shuffleboard, table tennis, volleyball, and other sports not listed. The app’s advanced features require a subscription, which can be managed through the user’s account settings. By using Scoreholio, users agree to the app’s terms of use.