10 Best Android App For Pull Ups

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Download the Best Android App For Pull Ups on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAre you looking for a reliable and effective way to improve your upper body strength and fitness? Pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises for building upper body strength, but many people find them difficult to perform. Thankfully, with the help of technology and the right training app, mastering pull-ups can be easier than you think. In this article, we will explore the best Android app for pull-ups, its features, and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals.

The best Android app for pull-ups is designed to help users of all fitness levels improve their upper body strength, endurance, and overall fitness. It offers a variety of features, including customized training plans, progress tracking, and motivational tools to keep you motivated and on track. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, this app can help you take your pull-up game to the next level.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Android App For Pull Ups for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Android App For Pull Ups

1. Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

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JEFIT is a workout tracking planner app that provides a free fitness program database to help individuals track their workouts to transform their bodies. The app offers various programs, from beginner to advanced levels, including bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, and kettlebell routines, among others. It is suitable for individuals who love training at the gym on their own schedule or who have logged their workouts in a journal or planner.

JEFIT has over eight million users who use the app to track their workouts and reach their strength, weight and fat loss, and training goals. The app motivates users by rewarding them for consistency, pushing themselves to new personal records, and committing to challenges with the community. The app’s top features include web or app tracking, a Wear OS app, exercise instruction database, intuitive tools, training programs, and goal setting.

JEFIT offers programs for any fitness level with a full instruction database. The app has various special tools and features, including access from desktop and web, rest timer, supersets and circuit training routines, interval timer, set notes, and 1 rep max calculator, among others. The app supports 1,300 exercises with full HD videos in its database and personalized charts for lifting volume, benchmarking, analysis and instructions.

Overall, JEFIT is an app that provides a comprehensive system to track workout training routines.

2. 50 Pullups workout Be Stronger

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The Course of Pull-ups app is a program for rapidly developing strength and physique through pull-ups. The app offers 11 workout programs, fast statistics, a history of trainings, backup and restore data to remote server, a reminder feature, cloud storage statistics, warm-up before workouts, and the ability to change a program in an unsuccessful training session. Before starting training, users must run a test to determine the maximum number of pull-ups they can do, then select a program based on the test result. Observing proper rest and nutrition is also important. The app is designed for a maximum of 50 pull-ups and aims to help users achieve level 30 to 50 pull-ups. The app includes advertising, which can be disabled with IN-APP purchases.

3. Pull Ups Workout

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The Pull Ups app is a personal fitness trainer that helps users count the number of Pull Ups they do, calculates the calories burned during exercise, and creates a training plan based on daily training and body status. The app has a unique design and powerful function, making it an effective tool for bodybuilding.

In training mode, the app creates a reasonable training plan based on the user’s age and body status. This plan is divided into six levels, with each level containing several groups of Pull Ups. The app re-evaluates the user’s body status in each new level to ensure the plan is customized. Users can count Pull Ups using the proximity sensor or enter training data manually.

To use the app, users can place their phone in their pocket or hang it around their neck. Features include gravity-induced counting, training data backup and restore, graphs and statistics, training mode, freestyle mode, and training notification. The Pull Ups app is an excellent choice for those looking to build their strength and improve their fitness with the help of a personal coach.

4. 0-20 Pullups Back Trainer

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The 20 Pull-Ups Challenge app is part of the Zen Challenge Series, which has been featured in various publications and recommended by doctors. The app offers a program that helps users gradually build strength and perform specific reps of pull-ups with periods of rest in between. After six weeks, users can perform 20 pull-ups straight. The app includes instructions on how to do negative pull-ups for those who cannot physically complete a full pull-up. Users can repeat workouts or skip ahead to any day they wish. The app is easy to use and offers voice cues. There is a community available for help and advice. Zen Labs is a supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition and donates to their cause. A legal disclaimer is included, stating that the app and any information given by it are for educational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

5. 20 pullups: 0 to 20 pull ups

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The Pullups app is a fitness tool that aims to help users achieve a stronger back and toned arms through a 20-week training program. The app offers a simple and user-friendly interface that guides users through audio cues on when to start and rest during their pullup sets.

The program gradually increases in difficulty, allowing users to progress through three effort levels. The first level is for those who can do 0 to 8 pullups and lasts for eight weeks, the second level is for those who can do 8 to 14 pullups and spans over six weeks, and the third level is for those who can do 14 to 20 pullups and covers 20 weeks.

The workout only takes 20 minutes a day, three days a week, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. Users can also listen to their music while working out and earn wins and badges to stay motivated. The app includes instructional photos and tips to ensure proper form and technique while doing pullups.

6. 100 Pull Ups Workout

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Introducing a fitness app that offers personal workout plans, fast results, and adaptive trainings that increase strength and stamina. The app features a range of bodyweight workouts that can be done at home without any equipment, including a 7-minute workout for those with limited time. Users can expect to see changes in one week and improve their posture and height through pull-up exercises. The app also includes a personal trainer and motivation system to help users achieve their fitness goals. Tailored workout plans are generated based on the user’s fitness level and progress can be tracked and shared with friends on the leaderboard.

7. Pull Ups

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Pull Ups are considered one of the most effective exercises for building muscles in the back, shoulders, and chest. This exercise is a fundamental element of the calisthenics and street workout training program, which encourages the use of body weight as resistance training. By incorporating regular pull ups into a workout regime, individuals can maintain their muscular figure.

To facilitate training, a program has been developed that creates training plans based on real tests, rather than approximations. The program generates various training plans with the difficulty level set by the user. It also determines the regeneration break between the workouts based on the individual’s advance level. Users can manually change the intensity of their training plans, including regeneration, maintenance training, training, hard workout, and maximum effort. The program also includes an advanced interval timer to control workouts and training statistics to keep track of progress.

Each generated training plan is unique to prevent muscle adaptation, and users have full control over their training plans with the ability to modify training during workouts. Additionally, individuals can create and use their own training plans with the graphical editor that has been designed for training schedules. The workout controller has also been designed to reduce stress and distraction, allowing users to focus on their workout while waiting for another series.

8. Pullups my workout

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The horizontal bar is commonly used for the pull-up exercise, which develops the back and hand muscles. However, pull-ups are not limited to one type as they can be separated into different grips, including overhand, underhand, close, medium, wide, different, and neutral grips. Additionally, there are other types of pull-ups and exercises that can be performed on the bar. This app offers a total of 27 different exercises on the bar, providing a diverse range of workouts to bring the body into a sportive shape. The app supports individual and group workouts.

The application offers several features such as the ability to save an unlimited number of workouts, flexible training settings, automatic training mode, motivation, and reminders for the next workout. Users can save their preferred workout routines and customize their training settings according to their needs. Moreover, the app supports automatic training mode, which can be helpful for beginners who may need guidance during their workouts. The app also offers motivational features to keep users on track and reminders for the next workout to ensure consistency.

Overall, this app provides a comprehensive range of exercises for the horizontal bar, along with several helpful features to support users in their training. This app is suitable for individuals and groups who are looking to diversify their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

9. Zeopoxa Pull Ups

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Zeopoxa Pull Ups is a fitness app that guides users towards building the strength and endurance to complete up to 200 pull ups. The app is designed to build and strengthen core muscles through workout sessions that include regular periods of rest. The app is easy to use, with an audio coach that tells users when to start and when to rest. No gym or equipment is required; users can begin their strength workout immediately. The app includes an accelerometer sensor that reliably counts pull ups, freeing users from the need to count their repetitions.

In addition to its core function as a chest workout tracker and fitness tracker, Zeopoxa Pull Ups offers additional features to help users improve their fitness and enjoy their workout. The app is designed to help users achieve a variety of fitness goals, including weight loss, muscle tone, strength building, and improved endurance.

Zeopoxa Pull Ups offers several features and benefits to enhance the user experience. The app includes training and practice modes, automatically counts pull up repetitions using an accelerometer, and provides an automatic countdown timer for rest between exercise sets. Users can also enter workouts manually and view graphs and statistics for their progress. The app includes a voice coach for constant feedback, allows users to set personal records, and provides advanced graphs to track progress over time. Users can also complete challenges provided by the app and use the built-in BMI calculator.

To use the app, users simply put their phone upright in their pocket while performing pull ups.

10. Pull Ups Counter

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The pull-up counting app is designed to allow users to easily track the number of pull-ups they do on a daily basis. This is achieved by simply logging the number of pull-ups performed in the app, which then stores the data in an internal database.

The app boasts of offering impressive analytics that provide users with detailed information on their performance. Users can view an overview of all their sets in the log, which is conveniently available within the app.

The pull-up counting app is user-friendly, as it does not require any registration or personal information from users. Additionally, the app is free of charge, making it accessible to anyone who wishes to use it.

To help users better analyze their progress, the app provides simple yet informative dashboards. Users can view their performance data from the last 20 training days and the last 20 sets. With this data, users can keep track of their progress and adjust their training accordingly.