9 Best Android App For Mantra

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Download the Best Android App For Mantra on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMantras are sacred words, phrases or sounds that are chanted repeatedly to focus one’s mind and achieve a spiritual or personal goal. In the age of technology, there are numerous apps available for both Android and iOS platforms that offer different mantras for different purposes. However, finding the best android app for mantra can be a challenging task for users due to the abundance of options. In this article, we will discuss some of the essential features of a good mantra app and highlight some of the best ones available on the Google Play Store.

Firstly, a good mantra app should offer a wide range of mantras that cater to the different needs and preferences of the users. This means that the app should provide mantras for specific purposes such as relaxation, concentration, healing, and so on. Additionally, the app should offer mantras in multiple languages and allow users to customize their chanting experience by adjusting the volume, speed, and frequency of the mantras.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Android App For Mantra for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Android App For Mantra

1. Headspace: Mindful Meditation

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Headspace is a mindfulness app that provides guided meditation, sleep meditation, and breathing exercises to help users manage stress, relax, and sleep soundly. With the app, users can learn mindfulness skills from world-class experts, like former monk and co-founder Andy Puddicombe. The app offers hundreds of guided meditations on various topics, such as anxiety, focus, and relaxation.

Headspace caters to users of all experience levels and lifestyles. It offers short 3-minute sessions that can easily fit into a busy schedule or longer meditations to set intentions for the day. Users can choose to meditate alone or with friends and can even incorporate movement through the Move Mode feature. The app also has a Basics course to teach meditation essentials to beginners.

Headspace features daily meditations, sleep meditations, stress relief and coping meditations, and focus and productivity meditations, among others. Users can also enjoy tranquil sleep music, calming sounds and stories, and at-home workouts. Headspace offers a subscription-based service that provides full access to its library of meditations, mindfulness training, and breathing exercises, as well as Sleep by Headspace and Move Mode.

2. Insight Timer – Wellbeing App

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Insight Timer is a free meditation app that offers guided meditations, sleep music tracks, and talks led by top experts in the field. With over 100,000 guided meditations, thousands of music tracks, and ambient sounds, Insight Timer is a popular choice for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The app includes customizable meditation timers, the ability to follow favorite teachers, thousands of discussion groups, and stats and milestones for tracking progress.

For those struggling with insomnia, Insight Timer offers Sleep for Insight Timer, which includes sleep music, soundscapes, bedtime tales, sleep meditations, and sleep mode for all music. The app also features meditation courses for sleep, with topics such as sleep effortlessly, overcoming insomnia, redefining approach to sleep, and sleep with meditation. Additionally, users can browse popular topics such as dealing with anxiety and reducing stress, focus and concentration, and better relationships.

Insight Timer offers a variety of meditation types, including secular mindfulness, yoga nidra, mindful sleep, Buddhist mindfulness, Zen, insight meditation, vipassana, MBSR, walking meditation, breathing meditation, kundalini yoga, metta, and advaita vedanta. Users can also join groups for beginners meditation, sleep meditation, poetry, atheism, Christianity, Hinduism, transcendental meditation, and more.

3. Mantra – Daily affirmations reminder for self care

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The Mantra app is designed to help users develop a positive mindset and motivation for self-improvement. By using personal affirmations, the app aims to remind users of their values and instill positive thinking, which can lead to changes in both thinking and reality. The app is free and offers over 10,000 affirmations from eight different categories, with a unique affirmation for each day. Users can personalize their experience with different themes and fonts, and the app also offers background sounds to help with relaxation and calm. The app can be used for various purposes, such as motivation, stress relief, and self-care. A premium subscription is available for $19.99 per year.

4. Divine Mantras

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Divine Mantras is an app that offers a simple and easy way to access a list of Indian god mantras. The app includes 12 mantras such as Ganapti, Gayatri, Shiv, Hanuman, Vishnu, Laxmi, Sai Baba, Balaji, Shani, Durga, Krishna, and OM. Users can play a particular mantra continuously by clicking on the Play button and stop it by clicking on the Stop button.

Moreover, the app provides the Play All option, which plays all mantras one by one and stops automatically when all are finished. The chanting of mantras is considered to bring peace, joy, and health benefits to the individual. Additionally, it is believed to help in improving memory and concentration, especially during meditation.

The app’s features include Auto-repeat Mantras Continuously, Play All option, playing in the background, working offline, and using very little memory consumption. Overall, Divine Mantras is a simple and useful app for those interested in accessing Indian god mantras.

5. Mantra

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The Mantra Application is designed to assist individuals with their daily Sadhna, particularly for those who struggle with memorizing mantras or prefer not to recite them alone. The app offers pre-loaded collections of various mantras, including Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, Shiva Jap, Gayatri, Maha Mrityunjay jap, Ganesha, Ganesha Mool, Gurudev, Devi, Om Namah Sivay, Rama, Kuber, Chamunda, Kali, Navkar, Swami Samartha, Ganpati, and Swaminarayan Dhun. Additionally, users can create their own japs using mantras they have on their device. Overall, the Mantra Application provides an avenue for assisted recitation and the creation of a sacred atmosphere.

6. Mantras

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Mantra chanting is a concept created by Vedic rishis and scholars and is considered powerful in Hindu practices. Mantras are divided into categories, including those for worship and meditation. This application has identified several potent mantras that facilitate connecting with the Super Gods and vibrant energies in the universe. Each mantra is unique, and correct recitation can effectively resolve various life problems.

7. Mantra Repeater : Chant Own Mantra in A Loop

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The Mantra Repeater app allows users to record and play back mantras in their own voice. Mantras are special Sanskrit words or sounds that have the ability to positively impact the mind and environment. By recording a mantra in one’s own voice, users can enhance the uplifting effect of the mantra. The app features the top 5 mantras, including Om Namah Shivay, and a counter function to track the number of repetitions. Additionally, the app has a user-friendly interface and offers pre-recorded mantras in the Mantra Store. It should be noted that the app may not be compatible with Android versions older than 5.0. Users can contact the developers for support or to provide feedback.

8. All God Mantra

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The app is designed to provide all religious individuals with access to mantras for various gods in one place. A mantra is a word or sound that is repeatedly said during meditation to improve concentration. The app also includes animations and an unlimited counter for each mantra. As per user demand, the app has been created to offer all god mantras and meditations which can be listened to every morning to give a peaceful start to the day. The app also includes unique HD wallpapers and ringtones for each god.

9. Mantra Counter

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The Mantra Counter app is designed for Android users who want to count their spiritual mantras. The app offers various feedback upon clicking the counter button and allows users to set a photo of their God for spiritual focus. Additionally, the app provides the option to choose background music while counting mantras. Vibration feedback is also available in the app’s settings. The app offers three starter themes: red, grey and blue. Users are encouraged to keep the app installed and updated for the latest features. The Mantra Counter app aims to provide users with all the functions found in physical mantra counters, making it easier to remember their daily mantras.