7 Best Android App For Lyrics And Chords

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Download the Best Android App For Lyrics And Chords on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, music lovers have an array of options when it comes to finding lyrics and guitar chords for their favorite songs. The convenience of having this information at our fingertips is undeniable, especially for aspiring musicians who are looking to hone their craft. With so many apps and websites available claiming to offer the best resources for music enthusiasts, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This is where an Android app that provides reliable and accurate lyrics and chords can make all the difference.

One of the primary advantages of using an Android app for lyrics and chords is the ability to access a vast database of songs that cover different genres and styles. This feature can save users valuable time and effort in having to search for specific songs on the internet or through other apps. Additionally, most Android apps for lyrics and chords offer easy navigation and user-friendly interfaces, making it simple for users to find the song they want and view the lyrics and chords in a clear and organized layout.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Lyrics And Chords for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Lyrics And Chords

1. Musicnotes Sheet Music Player

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Musicnotes is a sheet music app with an extensive collection of high-quality sheet music. The app allows users to play music, create set lists, and access their sheet music scores and guitar tab purchases from anywhere. The app offers comprehensive offerings at all skill levels for various instruments, including piano, guitar, voice, flute, saxophone, trumpet, violin, and cello, among others. Musicnotes has a collection of over 400,000 sheet music arrangements, and users can organize their music into folders and set lists for quick access.

Musicnotes offers built-in tools to help users master the music, including a transpose tool for changing keys and instant tempo and playback adjustment options. The app also features user-friendly annotation tools that allow users to mark up their arrangements and scores with a built-in pen and text tools, make notations to tailor a performance to a given event, and show or hide annotations for ultimate adaptability.

Musicnotes Pro Premium is an annual subscription that allows users to redeem 24 titles of their choice per year, get additional savings on all other sheet music purchases, and access PDFs in all available keys. Musicnotes Pro members can sync markup between devices, choose the key that fits their musical style or vocal range, switch keys at any time with instant transposition, selectively adjust the volume of separate instruments, follow along as the notes light up with the music, and practice and perform anytime using the playback tool for accompaniment.

2. SongbookPro

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SongbookPro is an app that enables its users to eliminate the hassle of carrying and organizing physical chord charts, lyric sheets, and songbooks. With this app, users can easily display their music in a flexible, easy-to-read format on their laptops or tablets, making it an excellent tool for guitarists, bassists, vocalists, or anyone who uses chord charts, lyrics, sheet music, or heavy songbooks.

The app offers several features, including displaying chords and lyrics clearly and concisely, full PDF support for playing from sheet music, grouping songs into sets for easy switching between songs during live performances, quick and easy key and capo adjustments, and the ability to import songs in ChordPro or onsong formats. Additionally, users can import songs directly from UltimateGuitar.com and WorshipTogether.com.

SongbookPro provides simple sharing of songs and sets between SongbookPro users, and users can also share and sync their songbooks between platforms with apps available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Amazon Fire. It is important to note that while SongbookPro is free to try out, users are limited to 12 songs in their library, and online sync is disabled until they choose to purchase the full app through a small in-app purchase.

3. SongBook

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SongBook is an Android application that facilitates the organization of song collections, including lyrics and chords. The app allows users to simply tap on a chord to view its definitions, and also includes extensive chord libraries for guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, and other instruments. In addition, users can easily transpose songs on the fly and make use of features such as auto-scroll and pinch-to-zoom. A complete user manual can be accessed on the application’s website.

4. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

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Ultimate Guitar offers the largest catalog of guitar, bass, and ukulele chords, tabs, and lyrics to learn popular songs. Users can search for songs by type, difficulty, tuning, and rating, as well as focus on guitar techniques or discover songs for specific moments with collections from professional guitarists. With Tonebridge Guitar Effects, users can play over 15,000 popular songs in their original sound.

The app boasts several features, including offline access to favorite tabs, left-handed mode, tab collections, and playlists. Users can edit chords, lyrics, or change tabs in other ways to suit their requirements with Personal tabs. The app also includes the ability to watch videos, adjust font style and size, and toggle dark mode for gigs.

For users with a Pro account, they can play songs note by note at their own pace using interactive tabs (Tab Pro), jam with over 7,000 HQ tabs that include backing tracks and synchronized lyrics, use the built-in guitar tuner and metronome, transpose songs to a different key, choose the most comfortable chord variation, simplify difficult songs, use autoscroll, and share, print, and export songs.

Ultimate Guitar encourages users to reach out to their development team with any problems or feedback, rather than posting bug reports or feature requests as a review. They can be contacted at support.android@

5. Lyrics with Chords

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The application is a newly launched platform that plans to increase its song quantity in subsequent releases. A defining feature of this application is that it does not require an internet connection to access the songbook. Users who do not have access to a guitar or ukulele can still utilize the app by selecting chords and singing along to their favorite songs with realistic guitar or ukulele sounds.

The application’s database includes over 460 lyrics with chords for the guitar, with plans to increase this every week. Users can also access their history of viewed lyrics, and the app features an auto-scrolling option and chords transposition. Additionally, users can personalize their app experience with theme support, filters for authors and songs, a search function for YouTube, and 14 font and six chord scheme size options.

The app also includes useful features such as wordwrap, a chord detector to find and listen to any chord, a guitar tuning template, and four chord sounds, including acoustic, electric, distortion guitars, and piano. Users can choose from three types of ukuleles and sort songs by album or songs. The app encourages users to follow them on Facebook to help them expand their song library with users’ favorites.

6. Guitar Songs

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Looking for an application that can help you play your favorite songs on the guitar? The handy songbook with chords for guitar may be just what you need. This unique application is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for both amateur and professional guitarists who want to keep all their chords and lyrics always within reach.

With the handy songbook with chords for guitar app, you can easily find everything you need for a musician, a party, or a friendly company. The application features a large database of songs, lyrics, and chords, which can be rated and added to favorites for easy access. Moreover, you can change themes and transpose chords, giving you the flexibility to customize your music as per your preference.

The application also comes with a lyrics auto-scrolling feature, which enables you to focus entirely on playing the music, without any distractions. You can even import your own songs into the app and have them always on hand. Plus, you do not need an internet connection to use the app, except for downloading new songs.

In conclusion, the handy songbook with chords for guitar app offers a range of features that make it a convenient and helpful tool for any musician. Whether you are playing at a party or simply practicing at home, this application can help you stay organized and focused, making it easier to play your favorite songs.

7. Guitar chords and tabs

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Guitar chords and tabs is a mobile application that allows users to learn over one million guitar, ukulele, bass, and drum chords and tabs. The app offers a range of features, including offline access to favorite tabs, history of browsed songs, autoscroll, and a tool for chord transposing. It also includes chord diagrams for guitar, piano, and ukulele, with multiple variations and a left-handed mode. Users can create and save their own songs, as well as print and share songs.

The PRO version of the app offers additional features such as the ability to use the app without ads, a dark theme, and synchronization. Users can also organize their favorite and My songs labels for easy access and search in favorites, My songs, and history. The app also provides notes for songs, the option to stop auto scroll when not playing, and a Youtube video for some songs. Users can change the order of their favorites and My songs and save all searched results to favorites.

If users encounter any issues with the app, they can contact the developer for support.