7 Best Android App For Instant Sounds

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Download the Best Android App For Instant Sounds on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe use of mobile devices has become ubiquitous in today’s world, with smartphones accounting for a majority of these devices. One of the most commonly used features of these devices is the ability to play music and other audio files. However, there are times when users may need to produce instant sounds, such as in a meeting, during a presentation, or while playing games. In such situations, having access to the best Android app for instant sounds can be a lifesaver. This article presents an overview of the key features of such an app, along with some of the benefits it offers.

The best Android app for instant sounds should be easy to use and offer a wide range of sound effects, including alarms, notifications, and other custom sounds. It should also be lightweight and not take up too much space on the user’s device. Additionally, it should be compatible with a variety of Android devices, ensuring that users can access it regardless of their device’s specifications.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Instant Sounds for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Instant Sounds

1. Custom Soundboard – Create unique soundboards

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Custom Soundboard is an app that simplifies the process of creating unique soundboards. One of its main features is the ability to create an unlimited number of soundboards. Sound files can be added to the app either from files or URLs, although direct links to sound files work best. YouTube URLs are not supported due to Google/YouTube policies.

The app provides users with the ability to customize their soundboards in a variety of ways. Sounds can be assigned thumbnails and colors, and start and stop times can be set down to the millisecond. Fading capabilities are also available, and sounds can be played back simultaneously, allowing for layering of sounds.

Custom Soundboard enables users to back up their soundboards to files, ensuring that they are not lost. Sharing soundboards with others is also possible.

It should be noted that the app’s original plan was to allow users to enter a YouTube URL and have the sound downloaded for use. However, this functionality was not implemented due to Google/YouTube policies.

Users who encounter issues with the app are encouraged to report any bugs via email or review. Feedback is appreciated, and all reviews will be read.

2. Equalizer

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Equalizer is an app that allows users to adjust sound effect levels on their phone or tablet to enhance the quality of music or audio. The app offers presets based on music genre or a custom preset can be created using the 5 band Equalizer controller. Additional audio effects such as Bass Booster, Virtualizer, and Reverb Presets are available. Equalizer requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or up and may not work on custom ROMs due to compatibility issues. The app is optimized for phones and tablets and works with streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify, as well as wired and Bluetooth A2DP headsets.

Equalizer features 11 stock presets, preset auto-detection, audio sampler, bass booster, virtualizer, reverb presets, and integration with stock Android music player. The app comes with beautiful 4×1 and 2×1 Equalizer widgets for the home-screen and additional widget skins can be downloaded. Transparent background mode is also available for widgets, and a notification shortcut allows for quick access. Power Mode options can enable/disable effects. Equalizer does not require root access.

The full features of the app, including saving custom presets, deleting, editing, renaming presets, creating home-screen shortcut for presets, and backing up and restoring presets from SD card, require purchasing the unlock key. The stock presets include Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Latin (New).

3. Instant Buttons App – Sonidos

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Instant Buttons is a unique collection of soundboards for mobile phones that offers a variety of fun sound effects. With over 400 different sound effects, users can choose from popular memes, famous dialogues from TV shows, iconic video game sounds, and laughter, among others. Instant Buttons organizes these sounds into different categories such as games, movies and TV shows, sound effects, children, sports, internet, humor, and music. Users can save their favorite sound effects applications in the favorites tab and surprise their friends and family with the most innovative and original sound effects on the internet. Instant Buttons also offers anime sound effects for anime fans and a special category for children with almost 100 buttons.

The app also includes a variety of sound effects from movies, TV shows, and sports. Users can find classic cinema soundboards and the latest TV show sound effects in the red button. There is also a collection of funny sound effects from the world of sports such as team anthems, personalized songs for footballers, and celebratory sounds made famous by players.

Instant Buttons offers a range of sound effects from the internet and viral memes, which have opened up a world of funny videos and soundboards to share on social media. Users can choose from the most famous sounds and memes circulating on the internet.

The humor category in Instant Buttons includes over 100 buttons with funny sounds that users can use to make their contacts laugh.

4. Instant Buttons Soundboard App

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Instant Buttons is a mobile application that offers a collection of sound effects categorized into games, movies and series, sound effects, children, sports, internet, humor, and music app. With up to 400 different effects sounds, users can easily find their preferred sound effect apps and save them in their favorites tab. Instant Buttons also allows users to add their own buttons with custom sound effects, making it a great gallery of fun sounds. The application offers an auto-renewing subscription option for unlimited access to all features and content offered at a cost of $39.99 per year. Terms of use and privacy policy are available on the developer’s website.

5. Instant Sound Effects

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This app includes four free sound effects that can be used to make friends laugh: rimshot (ba-dum-tss), sad trombone (wah-wah-wah), crickets, and nope. It was originally written by Brian Nezvadovitz and published on GitHub.

This program is free software and falls under the GNU General Public License by the Free Software Foundation. Users are allowed to redistribute and/or modify the program under the license terms. The software is distributed with the hope that it will be useful without any warranty, and there is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Users are encouraged to review the GNU General Public License for more information. If the user has not received a copy of the license, they can write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc. at 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

6. Sound Effects

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Sound Effects is an Android app designed to provide a fun experience with realistic sound effects. It offers over 200 high-quality sound effects, categorized into relevant themes such as animals, horror, disgusting, weapons, birds, and more. The app has a simple and intuitive interface with large buttons and gestures to switch between categories and pick sounds easily.

In addition, Sound Effects has a useful keyboard feature that allows users to animate their conversations, stories, videos, and podcasts with quick access to their favorite sounds. The app is also available in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, and more, to cater to a global audience.

If users encounter any sound problems, they can check the audio volume of their device. For additional support, they can visit the Sound Effects knowledgebase or connect with PxlApps on various social media platforms. Overall, Sound Effects provides an enjoyable experience for users to explore and use various sound effects for entertainment purposes.

7. 100’s of Buttons & Prank Sound Effects

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The 100’s of Buttons and Sounds 2 app boasts a library of over 100 high-quality sound effects, making it an ideal entertainment tool for anyone, be it children or adults. It offers a diverse variety of buttons, allowing for hours of entertainment with friends. The app comes equipped with over 300 buttons and growing, making it the first Android soundboard with loops and multi-touch capabilities. Users can easily navigate through the pages by swiping their fingers vertically across the screen. With sounds ranging from a joke drum to a female tennis scream, there is something for everyone.

The app features various sounds, including the Joke Drum, Wah Wah, In Yo Face Sucka, Wolf Howl, That was Easy, Gong, Jep Question, WTF, OMG, Woo Gah, Hallelujah, Surprise, Evil Laugh, Mi Scusi, Over 9000, Chainsaw, Awkward, Access Granted, Access Denied, Camera Snaph, Boo, Game Over, You Got Pwned, Ka Ching, Peace Out, Load Gun, Shoot Gun, Female Tennis Scream, and much more.

The app developers recommend users to ensure their mute button is off and the volume is up to ensure proper functionality of the application. The app is continually updated with major updates guaranteed for those who keep the 5-star ratings coming. Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be directed to support@