10 Best Android App For Identity Documents

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Download the Best Android App For Identity Documents on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIdentity documents are essential for any individual who intends to engage in various activities such as traveling, opening a bank account, and even accessing government services. With the advent of technology, it has become easier to store and access these documents digitally. As such, there are several Android apps available that offer this service. However, not all of them are reliable and secure. In this article, we will discuss the best Android app for identity documents that ensures safety and convenience for its users.

The chosen app offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for individuals to upload, store, and access their identity documents at any time. The app has several security features that guarantee the safety of the documents, such as encryption and password protection. Additionally, it offers the option of biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to ensure that only the owner of the identity documents can access them.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Android App For Identity Documents for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Android App For Identity Documents

1. Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID Card Creator

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The Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator is a versatile tool that enables users to create a variety of cards, including business cards, holiday cards, employee cards, and invitation cards. One of the main features of this card maker is the auto card designer app, which allows users to easily put their creativity to work and come up with amazing designs. Once users have created their cards, they can send them via email and have them printed.

Users have found the Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator to be a pleasure to use, whether creating personal or professional cards. Multiple cards can be printed easily, making it ideal for businesses. The tool provides two options for designing cards, landscape and portrait, and offers templates for both business and employee cards.

The Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator comes with a range of features, including over 1000 templates, auto card design, the ability to add logos and photos, and the option to add QR codes and barcodes to business cards. The tool also enables users to easily align text, rotate text and photos, and save their designs on SD cards or in their gallery. Additionally, users can share their designs on social media.

2. Folio: Digital ID Wallet

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Folio offers a mobile digital wallet app that allows users to store all of their cards and IDs in one place. The app features advanced face recognition biometrics for secure access, and users can digitize their wallet in seconds. The app employs mobile ID card scanning and password protection to safeguard personal documents and IDs. Folio makes it easy to scan, store, and save IDs and cards in this digital mobile wallet app.

With Folio’s mobile wallet app, users can scan and save their mobile passport, digital driver’s license, healthcare cards, banking cards, credit cards, gym membership ID card, loyalty, and other important documents. The app offers the latest character recognition and scanning software, guided instructions to help users along the way, and encrypted information that is not visible to Folio or sent to a third party without explicit consent.

Folio’s mobile wallet app provides a convenient way to keep all ID cards and documents in one place. Users can scan their identity and ID cards into the digital card wallet app easily and securely. The app offers highly accurate face recognition and matching engine to link the user with their documents and verify that they are always dealing with the same person. Users can access their mobile wallet anywhere, anytime, and verify their identity quickly with face recognition and government-issued ID.

Overall, Folio’s mobile digital wallet app is a free and secure way to store all of your cards and IDs in one place.

3. KopieID

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The KopieID app provides a secure way to create a copy of identity documents such as passports, driving licenses, and identity cards without sharing sensitive information. The app allows users to take a photo of the document and then cross out any private information, including the burgerservicenummer (BSN). Additionally, users can specify the intended recipient of the copy and the purpose, which is added as a watermark along with the date. The copy can be sent, printed, or saved for later use, but only if something has been crossed out.

For enhanced security, the KopieID app is only available on devices with storage encryption, typically from Android version 7. By following these steps, users can protect their identity details and prevent identity theft or fraud.

4. Yoti – your digital identity

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Yoti is a digital ID platform designed to provide a secure and convenient way for individuals to prove their identity to businesses. With Yoti, users can easily and safely store and share credentials issued by third parties, including staff ID cards and health test results. Additionally, Yoti offers an extra layer of security when logging in to online accounts and provides a free password manager to manage all logins.

Yoti ensures the safety of user information by encrypting all data added to the platform. Users are required to scan a government-approved ID document such as a passport, driving licence, or national ID card from one of the 185+ countries Yoti accepts. The private encryption key is stored on the user’s phone, and only the user can activate it using a PIN or fingerprint.

Privacy is a top priority for Yoti, and user data is not shared or sold without explicit permission. Businesses are encouraged to only request the necessary details, allowing users to share less data with confidence. Creating a Digital ID with Yoti is a simple process that involves adding a phone number and creating a 5 digit PIN, scanning a face to confirm identity and scanning an ID document to add details. Yoti has already been downloaded by over 10 million people.

5. ID Card Wallet – Card Holder

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The ID Card Wallet – Card Holder app is designed to securely store important card details in a single offline location. Users can save information related to a variety of cards, such as passport, driving license, debit and credit cards, and transport and shopping cards. The app allows for the storage of multiple documents and IDs, including loyalty cards, office IDs, health and insurance cards, business cards, and various certificates.

The app features a variety of unique functions, such as 100% data security through private android storage offline. It allows users to add multiple cards and IDs to a single safe place, as well as organize and easily locate all documents. Users can also add card information from both the front and back of the card, and the app provides a list of card details for all family members. The app also allows for easy viewing, editing, and sharing of cards, with added security through a security lock. Overall, the ID Card Wallet – Card Holder app provides a mobile wallet solution for securely storing and organizing important card information.

6. BlinkID – ID card and passport scanner

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BlinkID is an identity document scanner that allows users to scan and extract personal information from various identity documents, including ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, visas, and work permits. The app also enables users to store all their cards, including membership, loyalty, library, and other cards, in one place. With BlinkID, users can save time by not having to repeatedly type in their information. The app’s AI-powered features do all the work for them.

One advantage of saving documents on a phone is that it saves time. Users can avoid typing in their personal information repeatedly and instead allow BlinkID’s AI-powered features to handle the task for them.

BlinkID offers several features, including the ability to scan and save all kinds of paper and plastic cards, a wallet that stores all documents in one place, the ability to share documents as PDFs, images, or text, notification of document expiration, and being ad-free and free from any in-app purchases.

Microblink Ltd. is an AI company that focuses on developing proprietary mobile vision technology to solve real-life problems for over 100 million end-users.

7. ID Photo

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The ID Photo App is a free Android mobile application designed to quickly and easily prepare photos for any type of document, including passports and driver’s licenses. The app includes predefined photo layouts that meet the specific requirements of various countries. Users can take a new photo or select one from their gallery. After processing, the app generates a printable graphical file of the document. The app also offers touch-to-crop and grayscale adjustment features to ensure the photo meets the necessary specifications.

Some features of the ID Photo App include a simple interface, easy crop and adjustment of color, the ability to use photos from the gallery, and the option to save images in JPEG format. The app also provides numerous layout templates for different types of documents from various countries. The canvas print of the photo for the document is included, and the processing time is up to one minute.

Overall, the ID Photo App is a convenient and efficient tool for preparing document photos. Interested users can download the app for free on their Android devices and provide feedback on its performance.

8. ID Card Checker

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The ID Card Checker is a mobile application that allows police officers, customs officers, bank employees, and rental car company staff to check the validity of identity documents such as passports and ID cards. The app evaluates the machine-readable zone of the identity card for accuracy and calculates the correct check digits for the birth date and the expiration date for the passport document. The pro-version allows the user to check the completely machine-readable zone and provides a demo in the settings. It also provides an overview of the digits of the OCR-B font and shows examples of fake identity documents. The app has been developed with advisory support from detectives and is available in over 190 countries. The free version requires internet and access network state permissions for advertising, while the pro-version does not need any permissions.

9. identity autoID

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The autoID app by identity Trust Management AG provides a convenient and free of charge way to check one’s identity, driver’s license, or age. The process involves the extraction and transmission of ID card or driving license data using text recognition software on a smartphone or tablet. The procedure can be completed with a valid ID or driving license and a stable internet connection, enabling identification to be carried out at any location and time.

Using the autoID app can save time by replacing traditional KYC or personal identification procedures. The identification process offered by identity Trust Management AG is certified and meets high standards of security and data protection.

For further details on identity Trust Management AG and its services, please visit https://www.identity.tm.

10. Genuine-ID Document Check

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Genuine-ID Document Check is a free mobile application designed for secure document verification in real-time. It allows users to read and check passports, ID cards, and driver’s licenses at any time of day, from virtually anywhere. The app is capable of recognizing all documents officially issued in Europe, making it a reliable tool for identity document verification.

To use the app, users need to take a picture of their identity document using their smartphone camera. The app then categorizes the document type and performs a security check on it. If the document is genuine, the system proceeds to verify the user’s identity. This involves Face Matching, where the user’s facial features are compared with those on the document photo, and Liveness Detection, where the user is prompted to close their eyes and then smile to ensure that no one else can impersonate them during the process.

Businesses interested in integrating ID document verification into their processes and applications can reach out to the app’s developers at sales@jenidsolutions.com or call +49 3641 31610 70 for more information.