7 Best Android App For Foscam Ip Camera

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Download the Best Android App For Foscam Ip Camera on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world of smart gadgets, IP cameras are becoming increasingly popular for surveillance and security purposes. Foscam IP cameras are one of the most preferred brands in this market segment. However, managing these cameras can be quite challenging, especially if you have multiple cameras installed in your premises. This is where an Android app can come in handy, allowing you to manage and monitor your Foscam IP cameras from your mobile device. In this article, we will review some of the best Android apps for Foscam IP camera management.

Firstly, it is essential to understand the features that make an Android app suitable for Foscam IP camera management. An ideal app should be user-friendly, reliable, and provide real-time access to camera feeds. It should support multiple cameras and allow you to customize the camera settings according to your preferences. Additionally, it should provide advanced features like motion detection, recording, and alerts, making it easier to monitor your premises remotely.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Foscam Ip Camera for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Foscam Ip Camera

1. tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP Cam

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TinyCam Monitor is an Android app that allows users to remotely surveil, control, and video record their private or public network, IP cameras, video encoders, and DVRs with CCTV cams. The app has over 10 million downloads and provides value to customers. Users can monitor their baby, pet, home, business, traffic, and weather remotely and securely. Purchasing the app now will provide users with more features for free in the future.

The app is loaded with features such as an intuitive interface, support for MJPEG/H264/H265/RTSP for many IP cameras, ONVIF Profile S 12,000+ cameras support, smart camera support, P2P support, 2-way audio, SSL for secured monitoring, and more. The app also has unique features such as background recording with auto-deleting old records, time-lapse recording, video player with fast/slow archive playback, internal web server for remote archive access and live view, both in-app and on-camera motion detection, AI object detection, face detection, LAN scanner for automatic camera detection, and more.

Users can also check out the demo of the low-cost DIY DVR or the list of supported cams and features on the app’s website. Users can purchase a license on one device and then install it on many more using the same account. The app also has various social media channels and a translation option for users.

2. Foscam IP Cam Viewer by OWLR

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OWLR offers a free IP camera viewer app specifically designed for Foscam cameras, catering to home and office use. The app features a smart auto-discovery tool that detects Foscam IP cameras and quickly completes the installation process. The app also supports audio, allowing users to listen to sounds from their cameras. Furthermore, users can add publicly-accessible webcams using a URL to view them on the Public Camera Channel. OWLR is continually updating the app with new features based on user feedback. The app is available for download on Facebook and Twitter.

The Foscam IP Camera Viewer app can discover Foscam IP cameras within 30 seconds without requiring an IP address. The app also allows external access to cameras in case UPnP is enabled on the router. Audio support is present in the app, and users can listen to audio on most Foscam cameras. The app also provides video support for MJPEG and RTSP and offers flip and mirror video feed. The app features easy-to-use PTZ features to improve user experience.

OWLR is committed to user privacy and ensures that all camera passwords remain on the user’s phone rather than their servers. All camera feeds are only available to the user and any sharees. The video feed stops when the app goes into the background.

3. Foscam

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Foscam is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of IP security cameras, with a presence in over 80 countries. The Foscam App allows users to remotely monitor their home or business from anywhere, at any time. Users can add their cameras to the app in just a few minutes and receive real-time alerts for motion or sound detection.

The latest version of the Foscam App boasts an updated design with an intuitive cloud timeline, stable software architecture, and other features. Users can access their cloud recordings through the app or the myfoscam.com website, with military-grade server storage for reliable viewing.

The Foscam App offers a range of useful functions, including live view, easy cloud footage scanning, scheduled recordings, and pan/tilt/zoom control via smartphone. The app is only compatible with Foscam HD cameras and official Foscam Cloud accounts.

Users should note that the EZLink feature requires a smartphone connected to WiFi, and a paid Foscam Cloud subscription is necessary for 24/7 access to cloud footage. Compatibility with older Foscam apps and third-party accounts is not guaranteed.

4. Foscam Viewer

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This app is specifically designed to work with Foscam IP cameras. It is important to ensure that the user has one of the following Foscam camera models before downloading the app: Agasio A503W, Agasio A603W, Agasio A622W, Agasio M105I, FI8602, FI8620, FI8904W, FI8905W, FI8906W, FI8907W, FI8908W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918W, FI8919W, FI9801W, FI9802W, FI9805W, FI9820W, and FI9821W.

The app offers various features such as guaranteed compatibility with all Foscam cameras, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to remotely view and control all Foscam IP camera models. It also allows users to record video, take snapshots, and share videos via email, as well as hear audio remotely (with support for 1-way audio).

Furthermore, the app allows users to view an unlimited number of cameras and up to 4 cameras on screen at a time. It also enables users to instantly capture a camera’s screen and send it via email. The app is ideal for home security, pet-cam, or workplace use, and is designed for both phones and tablets.

5. CamViewer for Heden & Foscam

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This is a free application that allows users to watch their Foscam/Heden camera or any clone. The app allows for the addition of numerous IP cameras, with no limit specified. It can also be utilized as a baby monitor.

6. Foscam Monitor (3rd party app)

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Foscam Monitor is a software that allows users to remotely access their IP cameras and manage various settings such as video settings and motion detection. The software can detect cameras within a user’s network and provides a simple setup process that enables external access. Users can manage key aspects such as video settings and motion detection, as well as stream videos at a fast rate of more than 30 fps. The software also allows for video recording (H264 models only) and taking snapshots, as well as motion control with gestures or buttons. Users can receive notifications when an alarm is detected, but the app must be running.

However, Foscam Monitor has some limitations that the developers are working on. Video recording is currently only available for H264 models and does not include audio, although work is being done to fix this. Additionally, two-way audio communication with the camera is not currently possible. Some camera models, such as R2 and R4, are not supported by the software.

7. IP Cam Viewer Basic

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The IP Cam Viewer is a software that allows users to remotely access and control their IP cameras, digital video recorders, network recorders, and webcams. It was awarded Best Software in the Utilities category in 2011. The software supports over 1600 devices including NVRs and DVRs, and features broad protocol support such as RTSP/ONVIF/MMSH, MPEG4/H265/H264/MJPEG codec support, and the ability to control PTZ, relay, and other device functions. It also has camera grouping, auto sequencing, mass actions, and allows for export/import using sdcard, email, or Dropbox.

The IP Cam Viewer also has app wide password protection, SSL/HTTPS, and cloudless privacy. Its scan camera capability allows for automatic driver selection, while its home screen and lock screen widgets allow for easy access. The software also has cross-platform support for all mobile devices.

Users can upgrade inside the app or download the Pro version to unlock additional features such as no ads, 2-way audio and background audio support for many devices, in-app motion detection, record mode for 24/7 recording of all cameras, embedded web server for remote control of the app, Tasker integration, or use as a transcoder/proxy, and Chromecast and Android Wear support.

The IP Cam Viewer requires permissions to access the device’s camera, microphone, storage, and network connections.