7 Best Android App For Exposure

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Download the Best Android App For Exposure on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn photography, exposure refers to the amount of light that enters the camera and is captured by the sensor or film. It is a critical parameter that can significantly affect the quality, sharpness, and color accuracy of the final image. While modern digital cameras have advanced exposure metering systems, sometimes you may need more control over the exposure settings to achieve the desired results. This is where the best android app for exposure comes in handy, offering a range of tools and features to adjust the exposure settings and enhance the overall image quality.

One of the key advantages of using the best android app for exposure is the ability to adjust the exposure settings in real-time. This means that you can see the effect of your adjustments instantly and make any necessary changes on the fly. The app typically provides a range of exposure control options, including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, as well as exposure compensation and bracketing.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Exposure for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Exposure

1. Manual Camera : DSLR – Camera Professional

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The Manual Camera DSLR app is designed to transform your phone into a professional camera with features like fully manual camera control, ISO, shutter speed, exposure, manual focus, and more. It is capable of taking high-quality photos and recording videos in 4K UHD resolution. Some of the key features of this app include real-time filter and color effects, timelapse/fast motion video, slow motion video, intervalometer/interval shot, geotagging, and photo stamping. However, certain features like manual ISO and manual focus require Android 5.0+ and Camera2API enabled by phone manufacturers.

Additionally, the app offers burst camera mode with configurable delay, face detection/facial recognition, scene mode, focus mode, burst mode, color effects, white balance, and manual exposure lock, manual ISO, 4K camera recording, and an option to turn off the shutter sound. Other features include adjustable volume keys, remote control, customable volume keys, HD camera feature to adjust shutter speed, manual focus like DSLR camera halide, location targeting feature, and more. The app can also save JPG and RAW photos for DSLR photography and unlock phone manual camera professional capability to record at 4k camera on supported devices.

Users can download this professional camera HD with a clean interface in a small and compact size. However, to use all manual camera features, a device with Android 5.0 and up that supports Camera2API is required.

2. Lux Light Meter Pro

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This app provides high accuracy light measurement in Lux and Foot-candle units, and can measure the minimum, average, and maximum brightness possible. It allows for easy calibration of the measurement and the storage of measurements in memory with title, date, and time. Users can recall measurements from memory and export and share them as a list. The app also features the ability to reset values at any time and understand the characteristics of the hardware sensor of the device, using smart algorithms.

This app has a wide range of potential applications, including construction workers comparing the light level of different globes, flower hobbyists setting the right lighting level for their plants, biology teachers using it for photosynthesis practicals, students using it for electronic practicals, photographers measuring light on the photo scene and setting exposure, diagnosing light deficiencies in gardens, office workers measuring the acceptable illumination level at workspaces, and at-home use checking the intensity of light that comes to solar panels. The app can also be used for indoor bonsai gardening, understanding what light bulbs to install at home, relighting kitchens, offices, and rooms, reading the brightness of the sky, walls, or bright objects, analyzing light levels of indoor environments, measuring and comparing indoors vs outdoors, and testing flashlights and other equipment.

This application collects and aggregates statistics using analytics to improve the app and services, while respecting the privacy of users. The app can be contacted for support at support@doggoapps.com.

3. Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

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Photo Lab is a web-based photo editor that offers over 900 stylish and amusing photo effects, including face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects, and photo filters. It allows users to make their images look creative in seconds and set them as contact icons, wallpapers, share signed virtual postcards with friends, or post on social networks.

The app’s primary features include Neural Art Styles, which provides a quick and smart way to turn any photo into an artwork by choosing from over 50 preset styles. Users can also choose from a selection of beautiful photo frames or place their image in an unlikely setting using the realistic photo effects. Additionally, the app offers face photo montages that swap faces easily, and photo filters that add style to images with various options such as Black&White, Neon Glow, and Oil Painting.

Photo Lab allows users to create sentimental or futuristic settings for their photos with photo collages, and the simple interface helps users quickly learn how to use the app. The app adds almost a dozen new photo frames and effects with each update and maintains a dialogue with users to add requested effects to the library.

It should be noted that Photo Lab is an internet-based application that helps keep device memory free from the resources required to create high-quality photo edits. Google, Russia, officially announced Photo Lab as one of the best apps of 2017. While the app promises to change your life, users are sure to love it.

4. Manual Camera

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The Manual Camera app for Android provides users with full manual control of their device’s camera settings. Before using the app, it is recommended to run the Compatibility Test, which can be found on the Google Play Store. This app requires the proper implementation of Lollipop’s Camera2 API, so if your device is compatible with Lollipop but the app is still not functioning, it is suggested to contact your device’s ROM provider (e.g. Samsung, LG) and request full implementation of Camera2 API.

Manual Camera offers manual control of shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation. The app is also known for its fast performance. Users begin in full Auto mode and can then choose to lock each parameter individually and make manual adjustments using the Wheel.

Additional features of Manual Camera include the ability to shoot in RAW (DNG) format, geotagging with GPS, a timer, gridlines, and the option to turn sounds and max screen brightness on or off.

5. Camera2 API Probe

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The Android Camera2 API can be probed for its capabilities on mobile phones. This API provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. It also allows for seamless sharing of captured content.

The API’s features can be explored on various Android devices to evaluate its performance and effectiveness.

This can be done by testing different camera settings, such as exposure time and ISO sensitivity, and analyzing the resulting image quality. Furthermore, the API’s ability to support advanced features such as raw image capture and manual focus can also be examined.

Overall, probing the Android Camera2 API can help users understand its capabilities and how it may improve their mobile photography experience.

6. Camera FV-5 Lite

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The Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices that provides DSLR-like manual controls. This camera application is designed for enthusiast and professional photographers who want to capture the best raw photographs and post-process them later. The application features adjustable photographic parameters including exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance, and program mode. The DSLR-like viewfinder display enables users to see exposure time, aperture, and stops display with EV and bracketing settings in real-time.

Other features include full-fledged exposure bracketing, built-in intervalometer for timelapses, program and speed-priority modes, long exposure support of up to 30 seconds, and JPEG, true 16-bit RAW in DNG format, and lossless PNG photo capturing formats. Manual shutter speed ranges from 1/80000 to 2, or the range available on the device. Users can also assign all camera functions to volume keys, and use the advanced electronic viewfinder with live RGB histogram, composition grid overlays, and crop guides.

The user interface is available in more than 30 languages, and the application completely avoids scene modes, providing full manual control over all photographic parameters. To unlock all device resolutions and enable RAW capture, users can purchase the Pro version. If any bugs are encountered, users are encouraged to visit the Camera FV-5 website or contact support before writing a negative comment.

7. Long Exposure – Motion ProCam

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Motion ProCam is a camera application that simplifies the process of shooting long exposure photographs. The app allows users to adjust the exposure time, hold the camera still, and take a picture, after which Motion ProCam automatically aligns the images to produce a long exposure photograph. One of its standout features is its ability to be used during the daytime without concern for overexposure, negating the need for an ND filter.

The application utilizes computational photography techniques to create long exposure effects such as motion blur and light trails. These effects are achieved by combining tens or hundreds of images into a single long exposure image. Motion ProCam offers professional features, such as the ability to capture images in RAW format and manual exposure control, for enthusiasts to create high-quality long exposure photographs.

Motion ProCam offers a range of features that make it an excellent tool for capturing long exposure photographs. These include auto-stabilization in handheld mode for up to five seconds, selectable effects, and up to 20 minutes of exposure time. Additionally, the application offers volume buttons as a shutter trigger, RAW format (in the premium version), and manual exposure control (also in the premium version).

The app is useful in a variety of settings, such as capturing silky smooth effects on water, waterfalls, seascapes, crowds removal, light trails, moving clouds, and creamy and smooth lakes/seas.