8 Best Android App For Dish Setting

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Download the Best Android App For Dish Setting on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s era of digital technology, mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. The Android platform, designed by Google, has emerged as one of the most widely used mobile operating systems worldwide. With its open-source framework, Android provides a myriad of opportunities to developers to create innovative apps that cater to various needs. One such app category is the dish setting app, which helps users to adjust their satellite dishes for optimal signal strength and clarity. In this article, we will explore some of the best Android apps for dish setting.

Firstly, let’s understand the importance of satellite dish settings. Signal strength, frequency, and direction are crucial factors that determine the quality of satellite transmission. A dish that is not correctly aligned or has improper settings can lead to distorted images, sound disruptions, or even complete loss of signal. This can be frustrating for users who wish to enjoy their favorite TV programs or movies without interruptions.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Android App For Dish Setting for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Android App For Dish Setting

1. DISH Anywhere

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DISH Anywhere is a mobile application that enables Android phone and tablet users to watch all their home TV channels, including live and recorded shows and movies. Additionally, users can manage their home DVR remotely and access thousands of On Demand movies and shows from popular networks like Showtime, Starz, and EPIX. The app also includes features such as the ability to follow favorite sports teams and receive up-to-the-minute scores and game information for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, and NCAAF.

The app allows users to schedule and manage DVR recordings from one place, transfer DVR recordings to iPhone, iPad, or Mac for offline viewing, and download purchased shows and movies for offline viewing as well. DISH Anywhere also supports Apple TV pairing for airplaying shows and movies on an external television. Users who have T-Mobile can access DISH Anywhere without using up their data through Binge-On.

To use DISH Anywhere, users must have an online DISH account and a Hopper 2 or Hopper 3 receiver model. However, those who do not have one of the supported receivers but have an online DISH account can still access the app’s On Demand and Live Stream features. The app includes Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which enables users to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings.

2. Dish Install, Pointer & Align

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SatCatcher is a mobile application designed to simplify the process of aligning, pointing and installing satellite dishes and antennas. This application displays the target satellite in space using augmented reality, which enables users to select the most appropriate location for their antenna or satellite dish and ensure that there are no obstacles. SatCatcher also uses GPS to show the user’s location on a map and to display the direction of the satellite from the user’s position. The application requires the use of the camera, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS of the smartphone.

To use SatCatcher, users must follow the adjustment steps, which include choosing a satellite and authorizing geolocation to determine the direction of the antenna orientation, showing the satellite in augmented reality, verifying that the support of the antenna is vertical, calculating the polarization and adjusting the rotation of the LNB, setting the elevation, searching orientation with visual and sound assistants, and making fine adjustments.

SatCatcher Free is the lite version of the application, and augmented reality and compass orientation are only available in the full version. Users can contact the developer at infosoftycontactfree@gmail.com for more information.

3. Satfinder (Dish Pointer): Quick Dish Align!

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This satellite finder app provides a high-precision instrument for creating a landmark and aligning satellite antennas, without relying on a compass or calculations of magnetic azimuth. It does not require a camera, motion sensors, or a digital compass to function. Additional features include two modes (GPS-OFF and GPS-ON), two types of targets (satellite and direction), four map types, a search function, access to a public transponder list, and a magnetic azimuth display. The app also offers support and a feedback option for users, without intrusive ads.

To use the app in GPS-OFF mode, the user can turn off GPS and choose a satellite or direction. They can then find their desired location and fix it with a long tap to view direction indicators and alignment parameters. If the satellite images are of poor quality or there are no landmarks in sight, the user can fix the dish location and follow the direction indicators to place a landmark for alignment.

To align the satellite dish, the user should ensure that their phone’s internet and GPS are enabled, and be located outdoors or near a window for best accuracy. They can then choose a satellite or direction, view their location and direction indicator on the map, and wait for the GPS to determine their location. The user can bring their phone as close as possible to the dish and align it with a nearby landmark or use the direction indicators to place a landmark for alignment.

4. SatFinder

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SatFinder (Satellite Finder) is a tool designed to assist with the setup of a satellite dish. It utilizes GPS to determine a user’s location and provides azimuth, elevation, and LNB tilt for their chosen satellite from a list. The results are displayed both numerically and graphically on Google Maps. SatFinder also contains a built-in compass to help users locate the proper satellite azimuth, and it can use augmented reality to show the satellite’s location on camera view. However, it should be noted that the compass function only works on devices with a compass sensor (magnetometer).

To use SatFinder, users must first enable GPS and internet on their phones. It is important to note that GPS signals may not be received indoors, so it is best to be near a window or outside for more accurate location data. If the app is unable to find a user’s location, they should ensure that all required features and permissions are enabled.

Once the user’s location has been determined, they must select their desired satellite from a list that includes all satellites with an elevation angle above zero degrees. The satellite’s name does not affect the calculation of angles, but its position is crucial for accurate results.

The azimuth, elevation, and skew angle are then calculated for the user’s location and chosen satellite, and a compass with graphical representation of the azimuth angle is displayed. The compass is calculated with magnetic inclination, and it is important to calibrate it before each use.

5. Satellite Pointer

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Satellite Pointer is an app that facilitates the installation of TV antennas by providing real-time information on geostationary satellites orbiting the earth. The app boasts an updated database of over 200 satellites and offers research options to simplify the search process.

Once a satellite has been selected, the app provides essential information, such as geographical zone, longitude, available band frequencies, and Azimuth, Elevation, and Polarization angles calculated based on the user’s location.

The PRO version of the app offers a four-step alignment tool that simplifies the installation process by providing Azimuth, Elevation, and Polarization angles specific to the user’s location.

Satellite Pointer offers a range of features, including weekly database updates, the ability to add satellites manually (PRO users), and a search option to quickly find the satellite of interest. Users can provide feedback by emailing the developers at contact@satellitepointer.com. If users are satisfied with the app, they are encouraged to rate it five stars and leave a review on Google Play.

6. Satellite Finder (Dish Aligner)

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The app assists in the alignment of a user’s satellite dish by providing directional information based on the user’s location and the selected satellite. To calibrate the app, the user needs to touch the center of the map. The app offers a wide range of available satellites based on the user’s location, which include DirecTV, ABS, Afghansat, Africasat, Amazonas, AMC, Anik, Arabsat, Astra, Eutelsat, and many more.

7. QuickSat

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Cahors, a satellite reception equipment manufacturer, has developed an app called QuickSat that simplifies the installation and alignment of both mono-reception and multi-reception satellite antennas. The app provides step-by-step guidance and helpful tools to ensure installation and alignment are done correctly. QuickSat also calculates necessary adjustments.

QuickSat’s installation and alignment process involves five steps. The first step requires choosing the type of antenna, either mono-satellite or multi-satellite with a BigBisat antenna. The second step involves choosing the satellite from a list of satellites received in the user’s area, filtered according to their geographical position. QuickSat’s engineering department regularly updates the list of satellites. The third step covers installation precautions and provides two essential tools: VisionSat, which uses increased reality to visualize the satellites’ position to be received, and mast control, which checks the support of the satellite antenna installation.

The fourth step provides personalized information about antenna adjustments. For mono-satellite antennas, QuickSat gives information about the antenna’s elevation, azimuth, and cross-polarization. For multi-satellite antennas, QuickSat calculates the adjustment of the tilt angle and the exact position of each LNB. The fifth and final step includes a toolbox that checks the mast, elevation, and azimuth. QuickSat’s toolbox provides access to all the app’s tools, including the mast control, VisionSat, and simulation rise, azimuth.

8. SatFinderAndroid

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SatFinderAndroid is a free Android-based tool that assists in locating and pointing satellite dishes. Unlike other programs that have ads or pro version appeals, SatFinderAndroid is completely free. It has a database of all geostationary satellites worldwide, along with pointing instructions for them, and a list of popular satellite receiving dish models with pointing data. SatFinderAndroid also has a way of superimposing the locations of your selected satellites directly on a live camera picture of the sky at your location, and an additional pointing method for Android devices without cameras.

SatFinderAndroid simplifies the technical job of aligning satellite dishes, which previously required knowledge of ZIP codes, city and state names, or geographic positions, along with a hand bearing compass and inclinometer. The program locates itself, finds the satellite, and then points towards it. SatFinderAndroid was rewritten in October 2017 and has been much improved since then.

Interested users can visit the SatFinderAndroid Home Page at http://arachnoid.com/android/SatFinderAndroid for more information.