8 Best Android App For Cube

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Download the Best Android App For Cube on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWith the increasing popularity of Rubik’s cubes and their numerous variations, enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for efficient and engaging ways to solve them. This has led to the development of several mobile apps that offer cube-solving algorithms and tutorials. However, not all apps are created equal, and some stand out for their user-friendly interface, diverse features, and accuracy. In this article, we will explore the best Android app for cube enthusiasts and highlight its key features and benefits.

The app we will be discussing is designed to cater to cube enthusiasts of all levels, whether you are a beginner or an advanced solver. It offers a wide range of cube types and sizes, including the standard Rubik’s cube, 2×2, 4×4, and even 5×5 cubes. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, and its clean design ensures that you can focus on solving your cube without any distractions.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Android App For Cube for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Android App For Cube

1. Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

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An app featuring popular puzzles, such as the cube, pyramid, and dodecahedron, is available on smartphones. The objective is to return each face of the cube to its initial state, which trains logic, concentration, and patience. The app offers multiple puzzle sizes ranging from 2х2х2 to 20х20х20, realistic 3D graphics and animation, simple and handy controls, and free cube rotation in all axes. Additionally, users can earn achievements and view leaderboards to share their times with others. The app is free to download and use.

The app utilizes images from https://icons8.com and sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com. The app is designed to provide an engaging and challenging experience for users of all skill levels. With a variety of puzzle sizes and types, users can customize their experience to their liking. The app’s realistic graphics and animation provide an immersive experience, while the simple and handy controls make it easy to play. The app also includes a social aspect with achievements and leaderboards, allowing users to share their progress and compete with others. Overall, the app offers a fun and engaging puzzle experience for users.

2. Tutorial For Rubik’s Cube

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The Tutorial For Rubik’s Cube app is designed to provide a step-by-step guide for solving the Rubik’s Cube quickly and easily. The app covers all the required steps necessary to complete the puzzle and can be utilized in any situation or form.

The app ensures that users can solve the cube without any difficulties, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a challenge. The solution stages are clearly explained in the app to enhance user understanding.

The Tutorial For Rubik’s Cube app is suitable for individuals of all ages who want to learn how to complete the Rubik’s Cube. Its user-friendly interface and clear explanations make it easy for anyone to use and learn from.

3. Cube Timer

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The Simple Rubik’s Cube timer application is designed to aid users in timekeeping during Rubik’s Cube solving activities. The application comes with several features, including the recording of the Best time, Average 5, and Average 12. The user can also generate a Scramble sequence and save Time history for future reference. The application is lightweight with a small 32 Ko installed size.

4. CubeX – Cube Solver, Virtual Cube and Timer

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CubeX is a free app designed to solve Rubik’s Cubes efficiently. Users can manually input the cube state or scan it using the camera. CubeX offers two solving mechanisms, the Fridrich Solver and the Advanced Solver. The Fridrich Solver provides a layer-by-layer solution, while the Advanced Solver can generate the shortest possible solution within seconds. CubeX also has a Pattern Solver that can help users reach any valid pattern from any valid pattern on the cube in the shortest possible number of turns.

The app also offers a Virtual Cube that users can play with, learn from, and solve. The Virtual Cube allows users to apply predefined or custom patterns and manipulate it using their own algorithms. Users can also run the Fridrich or Advanced Solver on the Virtual Cube directly. Additionally, CubeX has a Cube Timer that can track solve times accurately.

Key features of CubeX include the ability to get the shortest possible solutions, two advanced solving mechanisms, Pattern Solver, Virtual Cube, manual and camera input, and the ability to add and save custom cube patterns. Users can also calibrate and save multiple cube color palettes. The app is continuously under development, with more features yet to come. The developers appreciate feedback and suggestions.

It should be noted that camera usage can be messy on some devices. CubeX is free and ad-supported, but users can support the developers by purchasing the ad-free version if they like the app.

5. Cube Solver

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The Pocket Cube, Rubik’s Cube, Skewb, Pyraminx, and Ivy Cube can all be solved using the puzzle-solving app. The Pocket Cube can be solved in 14 moves or less, while the Rubik’s Cube can be solved in an average of 27 moves. The Skewb can be solved in a maximum of 11 moves, and the Pyraminx can be solved in 11 moves with trivial rotation of the tips disregarded. The Ivy Cube can be solved in a maximum of 8 moves.

Users can practice solving their puzzle as quickly as possible with the app’s random shuffling and timer with full statistics, also known as SpeedCubing. Additionally, users can learn to solve the classic 3×3 cube step by step using the Fridrich method.

It should be noted that this app requires internet access to obtain the solution. The 3×3 solver was written by Herbert Kociemba, while other solvers were written by JeffProd.

6. Cube Algorithms

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The app is designed to assist users in learning the various algorithms of the Rubik’s Cube. It features realistic 3D graphics and animation, and includes every F2L, OLL, and PLL algorithm. Additionally, it contains every CLL, EG1, and EG2 algorithm, as well as every CMLL algorithm. Users have the ability to add their own algorithms to the app, and can share them with others. The color of the six sides of the Rubik’s Cube can also be customized to suit the user’s preferences.

7. 3×3 Cube Solver

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The app offers a solution for capturing and solving a 3×3 Rubik’s cube through the use of a camera. The solution follows the CFOP method. The app offers five modes including Camera Mode for capturing the cube, Edit Mode for editing the cube if necessary, Solution Mode for animating or step-by-step solutions, Scramble Mode for generating scramble sequences, Timer Mode for timing solves, and Info Mode providing a user guide. Users can enjoy using the app to solve their Rubik’s cube.

8. Magic Cubes of Rubik and 2048

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The Rubik’s Cube is a well-known puzzle that comes in various shapes and sizes, including Pyramid, Megaminx, Mirror Cube, and Slices. An app that provides tutorials on how to solve Rubik’s Cube and learn advanced Fridrich method is available for phones. It allows users to learn, recognize, and practice all the algorithms with ease. The 2048 game is a simple yet challenging puzzle game that involves merging powers of 2 to get the 2048 tile and higher tiles such as 4096, 8192, and more. Tetris is a classic game that requires players to create horizontal lines by moving and rotating the dropping shapes.

Solving the Rubik’s Cube requires a specific approach, but it is a fun puzzle to try. The app can help learn how to solve the Rubik Cube using the Beginner’s method and provides a YouTube video for support. Following the advanced Fridrich method, Speed Cubers solve it in seconds after mastering the beginner’s method. The app enables users to practice all the algorithms and master the Fridrich method. It features various algorithms, including F2L, 2 Look OLL, 2 Look PLL, OLL, and PLL, and provides a checkpoint, rubik cube coloring, context-based help, and leaderboards.

The Rubik’s Cube and other similar twisty puzzles are helpful in developing concentration, logic, and patience.