7 Best Android App For Chest

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Download the Best Android App For Chest on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to fitness, many people have a desire to work on their chest muscles. A strong chest not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also improves one’s overall physical health. However, finding the right workout routine and tracking progress can be challenging. Luckily, there are many Android apps available that can assist in achieving the desired results. In this article, we will explore the best Android app for chest workouts and how it can help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

The ideal Android app for chest workouts should offer a variety of exercises that target all areas of the chest, including the upper, middle, and lower regions. It should also include detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly to avoid any injuries. Additionally, the app should have a feature that allows users to track their progress, set fitness goals, and measure their achievements.

Another critical aspect of a great Android app for chest workouts is its user interface.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Chest for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Chest

1. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

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Instant Heart Rate is a heart rate monitor that is known for its accuracy and has been trusted by top research institutions such as UCSF for cardiology research training. It is designed to measure pulse and heart beat zones accurately and can be used during workouts or after sleeping. Instant Heart Rate does not require heart rate straps and can monitor blood circulation with accuracy similar to ECG or EKG. It functions similarly to pulse oximeters by detecting changes in your finger to provide accurate heart beat measurements.

The features of Instant Heart Rate include measuring heartbeat, BPM, pulse zone accurately in less than ten seconds, PPG graph that is similar to ECG/EKG/cardiograph, cardio workout monitoring to optimize exercise and track progress pre- and post-workout, heart rate training zones such as Rest, Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak, Google Fit support for heart rate and heartbeat data, and the ability to share heart beat. It does not require heart rate or heartbeat straps.

To use Instant Heart Rate accurately, place your finger on the phone’s camera to show your resting heart rate. It is recommended to use it daily to measure heartbeat or pulse and tag your heart rate after sleeping or during workouts to separate resting heart rate from workout heart rate.

According to the American Heart Association and the Mayo Clinic, a normal resting heart beat ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute.

2. Chest Workout Lumowell

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The Chest Workout app from Ego360 provides a comprehensive bodyweight exercise program that can be done without equipment. The program is divided into four difficulty levels and includes detailed explanations of exercises with videos and descriptions to avoid mistakes. The app features a virtual personal trainer who will guide users in the workout by showing exercises correctly and motivating them.

To get defined and muscular pecs, users need to train consistently and follow a proper diet that provides adequate protein for muscle growth and helps speed up metabolism. The app offers a chance to follow a weekly meal plan by unlocking the advanced version. The Push Up Challenge is a 30-day chest exercise program that allows users to gradually increase effort and avoid stalling muscle phases.

The app is suitable for everyone who wants to increase the mass and definition of their pecs, while women can tone and lift the breasts. The app includes alternative lower intensity exercises for those who prefer a slower approach, cool-down stretching exercises for the arms and chest during the workout, and motivational phrases to encourage users to try their best and achieve their goals.

In summary, the Chest Workout app provides a 4-level program, a daily eating plan, the Push up Challenge, cool-down stretching exercises, and motivational phrases. The app is part of the LumoWell/LumoFit project and follows Material Design principles. Users can follow the developers on YouTube, the website, Facebook, and Google+.

3. Best Chest Workout

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This Android application offers a chest workout routine for individuals seeking to develop their pectoral muscles and strengthen their chest. By following these exercises, users can achieve a larger and more impressive chest. The workout routine is designed to target major chest muscles that are frequently used in various exercises. The exercises are straightforward and easy to perform, making them accessible to users of all skill levels.

The workout routine is easy to follow and can be completed at home or in a gym setting. The exercises can be customized to suit individual fitness levels and goals. Users can choose to increase the intensity of the workout by adding weights or increasing the number of repetitions. The workout routine also includes rest periods to allow for muscle recovery and prevent injury.

The exercises described in the workout routine include push-ups, bench press, dumbbell fly, and cable crossover. These exercises target different areas of the chest and can be performed using different equipment. Users can choose to alternate between exercises or focus on one exercise per session. The workout routine also provides guidance on proper technique to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury.

Overall, this chest workout routine is suitable for individuals looking to develop their chest muscles and improve their overall strength. With clear instructions and customizable options, users can easily incorporate this workout routine into their fitness regimen. The application provides a convenient and accessible platform to help users achieve their fitness goals.

4. Upper Body Training – Chest, Arms & Back Workout

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Upper Body Workouts by Fitify offers a variety of exercises targeting the muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, upper back, and more. With over 75 bodyweight exercises and 6 unique workouts, users can challenge themselves with exercises such as Complex Upper Body, Arm Blaster, and Monster Chest. The app includes a voice coach and clear HD video demonstrations, and can be used offline.

In addition to the pre-made workouts, users can create their own custom workouts by choosing exercises, duration, and rest intervals. Fitify also adapts the training level based on user feedback. The app is designed for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and requires no equipment, although a bench or chair is recommended.

Fitify offers a range of other bodyweight apps, such as Abs & Core, Legs & Butt, and Warmup & Cooldown, as well as apps focused on fitness tools like TRX, Kettlebell, and Resistance band. With Fitify, users can have their own personal trainer to help them become stronger, leaner, and healthier.

5. myWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor Sport GPS Tracker

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myWorkouts is a sports activity recording app that utilizes GPS to track movements and Bluetooth® or ANT+™ sensors to measure heart rate. The app offers free maps for offline use, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, pedelec, eBike and road cycling, mountaineering, ski tours, cross-country skiing, and nordic walking. The maps allow users to track their location, distance, speed, and incline, and share tracks with friends as GPX files. The app also enables users to export their workouts as GPX or FIT files for import into sport portals like STRAVA and Velo Hero.

For those interested in indoor sports, myWorkouts can be used as a tachometer to measure heart rate, cadence, and calorie consumption during exercises such as treadmill running, indoor cycling, cross-training, and rowing. The app offers statistics on higher achievements, resting heart rate, and maximum pulse to calculate optimal training zones for effective cardio training.

myWorkouts is ideal for mountain and bike sports enthusiasts who engage in mountain biking, racing bikes, running, mountaineering, hiking, indoor cycling, treadmills, steppers, cross-trainers, and other fitness training activities. The app allows users to record GPS tracks, heart rate, calorie consumption, cadence, speed, step frequency, distance, number of steps, and environment temperature.

6. Heart Rate Monitor

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The Heart Rate Monitor app allows users to measure and monitor their heart rate. It is a free app with unlimited recording and an intuitive design, and it requires no additional hardware. The app identifies heart rate training zones and supports Google Fit.

To measure your heartbeat using the app, place your finger on the phone’s camera and remain still. A normal resting heartbeat rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM), but this can vary based on factors such as activity level, fitness level, body size, and emotion. A lower resting heartbeat rate may indicate better cardiovascular fitness.

Heart rate training zones are calculated based on maximum heart rate (MaxHR). The app offers four training zones: rest zone, fat burn zone, cardio zone, and peak zone. The app calculates and saves these zones automatically.

The Heart Rate Monitor app should not be used as a medical device, and users should always consult their GP if they have a medical condition or are concerned about their heart condition. Additionally, on some devices, the app may cause the LED flash to become very hot.

7. Home Workout – No Equipment

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Home Workouts is a fitness app that offers daily workout routines for all major muscle groups, allowing users to build muscles and maintain fitness from the comfort of their homes. The app does not require any equipment or a coach, and all exercises can be performed using just body weight. It includes workouts for abs, chest, legs, arms, butt, and full body, all of which are designed by experts. The warm-up and stretching routines are designed to ensure scientific exercise, and animated and video guidance is provided for each exercise to help users maintain proper form.

The app offers a range of features, including warm-up and stretching routines, automatic recording of training progress, weight trend tracking, customizable workout reminders, detailed video and animation guides, the ability to lose weight with a personal trainer, and social media sharing. It is also designed to be a bodybuilding app and strength training app, with effective muscle building workouts designed by experts. The app also provides fat burning workouts and HIIT workouts for better body shape.

For men seeking effective home workouts, Home Workouts offers a range of options that are proven to help build six-pack abs in a short time. The app includes multiple exercises such as push-ups, squats, sit-ups, planks, crunches, wall sits, jumping jacks, punches, triceps dips, and lunges, along with workouts and fitness plans designed by professional fitness coaches.