7 Best Android App For Call Alert

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Download the Best Android App For Call Alert on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with others is essential. As a result, smartphones have become ubiquitous, with communication being one of their primary functions. However, missing important calls can be a significant inconvenience, especially when they are time-sensitive. To address this issue, developers have created call alert apps that notify users of incoming calls. Among the various options available, the best Android app for call alert offers numerous features that enhance user experience and functionality.

The app’s primary purpose is to provide users with timely and accurate alerts about incoming calls. It achieves this by utilizing various sensors on the smartphone, such as the proximity and light sensors, to detect when a call is being received. Additionally, the app’s algorithm ensures that the alerts are not too intrusive, striking a balance between being informative and unobtrusive. This feature is particularly useful when users are in meetings, lectures, or other situations where loud ringtones or vibrations are inappropriate.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Android App For Call Alert for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Android App For Call Alert

1. Missed Call Alert

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The app provides basic services such as missed call and unread text message notifications. The missed call notification is activated after the user-specified Alert interval time from the time the screen is turned off after the incoming call has ended. However, if the user manually locks the screen, the notification is automatically stopped. If the notification is not working, the app displays a message explaining why.

The app also offers additional services such as a user message alert. This function allows users to receive notifications if a specific string is detected in an SMS or SNS message. For example, parents can receive notifications when their child sends a message containing a particular string. The app also includes a Find my phone function that allows users to locate their misplaced phone by sending an SMS or SNS message containing a user-defined string.

The app supports translation and provides a link to the translation file in Google Drive.

2. Missed Call Alert / Reminder +

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A missed call can be a critical issue, and if it goes unnoticed, it can lead to unwanted consequences. Recently, an individual faced a unique problem where their phone was in a power-saving mode with the display off. After leaving the phone in the room for a while, they discovered ten missed calls from an important caller. This occurred because the phone went into power-saving mode after receiving the calls. To address such issues, the Missed Call Alert App is designed to notify individuals of any missed calls that went unattended. It will continue reminding them until the missed calls are viewed or the reminder is canceled.

The app offers various features for individuals to customize their alert settings. It can be activated or deactivated based on their preference and set to an alert duration between 30 seconds and an hour. The alert color and tone can also be chosen accordingly. Additionally, the app has a smart alert system that doesn’t notify individuals while they are using their phone and automatically goes silent when the phone is on silent mode. Furthermore, it won’t disturb individuals during a call.

The Missed Call Alert App offers several benefits, including a low battery consumption rate, no background services, and no advertisements. Additionally, if any bugs or issues arise, individuals can email the developers, and they will fix them.

3. FlashOnCall PRO 2021

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This application provides a free and customizable way to receive bright and fast flashes for calls, SMS, and other applications. The user can choose any flash to use, adjust the time and duration of flashes, and set the number of flashes for outgoing calls and messages. Additionally, the user can enable flash notification for missed calls and unread SMS. The flash can also be customized for third-party applications and set on a schedule. The application works in various sound modes, and it has a remote flash feature that turns the flash on for a specified time when an SMS with flashon and a time in seconds is sent. The app also has a fan mode that allows users to start a flash together and be part of the light show. It works on all Android devices from version 4.0, has a bright flashlight, and includes widgets. In case of conflicts or errors, users can contact the developer for support.

4. Missed call reminder, Flash on call

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The Missed Call and SMS/MMS Reminder is a mobile application that can be useful for phones without an LED indicator. It supports profiles and can remind users of missed calls and unread messages with sound, vibration, turning the screen on, camera flash (on some devices), and LED indicator. The application also has notifications for third-party applications (in Premium version) and content filter (in Premium version), night mode, and customizable notification schedule. It also has an option to disable sound when the phone is in silent mode, ignore accidental (short) calls, and does not disturb during calls. Other features include widgets, flash on call, plugin for Tasker/Locale, and more. It does not have advertising, requires no internet permission or root access, has a compact size, and low memory consumption. The application is available in 30 languages, and users can add or update translations. The application has a FAQ page and support forum for users’ questions and concerns.

5. Call Alert

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Call Alert is an application that serves as a notification system for users who might miss phone calls, voice mail messages, and SMS messages. With this app, users can set the volume level and frequency of alerts, as well as choose the sound and vibration. When out of range of a cell tower or offline, the app will start chiming as soon as the user gets back in range and receives a voice mail notification.

The app’s features also include the ability to detect when a user is in a car and read out loud any arriving SMS messages, which is useful for drivers who want to keep their focus on the road. However, in order to use this feature, the user must have paired their phone’s Bluetooth with the car.

To set up Call Alert, the user will need to allow the app to view notifications in order to detect new voice mail or SMS messages. The user will also be prompted to identify the phone app, voicemail app, and messaging app used on their phone by following the instructions provided by the app.

Call Alert is a free application from Newbury Graphics, and it does not contain any ads or require access to the internet. The app asks for permissions to read contacts and phone state, which are optional features. Users can choose to only receive alerts for SMS messages if they do not want to grant the app access to their contacts or phone state.

6. Flash Alert : Call and Sms

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Flash Alert: Call and SMS is a mobile application designed to provide users with light notifications on incoming calls and text messages. The feature is now available for Android phones, allowing users to answer calls quickly and avoid missing vital communications even when they cannot hear their phone ringtone.

The app’s key features include flash alerts on incoming calls, blinking flash on SMS messages, flashlight notifications from popular social media and messaging apps, automatic flash for alarm clock, adjustable speed of light flashes, and the ability to activate flashing in silent mode while disabling ringing.

Flash Alert: Call and SMS is particularly useful for people who are hearing impaired, in hospitals, quiet meeting rooms or in silent zones. It also helps users locate their phone in the dark, alerts them when they are in noisy areas, and provides heavy sleepers with a flash light alarm to help wake them up in the morning.

The app uses the camera flashlight without requiring the app to remain open all the time. Users who no longer want automatic flash notifications can simply slide the button to off.

7. Smart Notify – Dialer, SMS & Notifications

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The Smart Notify app is fully functional with Android 10. For those using Android 8 and above, a video tutorial on how to hide service notifications is available. If users experience delays when selecting number details on certain phones, they can try turning on the Disable MMS in lists option in Settings/Special settings.

It should be noted that Smart Notify is not a replacement for messaging applications since it does not support sending MMS messages. Users need to delete the setting as the default message application and use Smart Notify partly for sending messages.

The app offers a dialer with fast T9 search and allows users to change the color of the phone LED for notifications from other applications. It also has a quick reply option in popup windows for applications that support this feature. Dual SIM is supported on Android 5.1 systems and higher.

Smart Notify displays incoming MMS, supports smartwatches, and has a car mode with speakerphone and automatic display turn-on and message reading. It also has automatic speech support in popup windows for reading SMS and missed calls. Users can send SMS at a selected time and the app has an advanced SMS and calls manager with popup window notifications and reminders.

Other features of Smart Notify include displaying pending calls and SMS, length of ringing in missed calls, LED flash for incoming calls or SMS in silent profile, notifications for full charged battery, loss or detected GSM (wifi) signal, and rejecting calls from hidden numbers.