8 Best Agri App For Android

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Download the Best Agri App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAgriculture has long been an essential part of human society and plays a crucial role in sustaining our economy. With the rise of technology, the agricultural sector has seen significant advancements in recent years. This has led to the development of numerous agricultural apps that help farmers optimize their production, increase their yields, and manage their resources efficiently. In this article, we will explore some of the best agri apps available for Android devices, and how they can help farmers make informed decisions and improve their overall productivity.

The best agri apps for Android offer a range of features and tools that help farmers at every stage of their production cycle. From soil analysis to crop management, these apps provide valuable insights and recommendations based on real-time data. Many of these apps also offer weather forecasting, market prices, and pest control measures, enabling farmers to plan their operations and make informed decisions. By using these apps, farmers can save time, reduce costs, and improve their crop yields substantially.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Agri App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Agri App For Android

1. AgriMedia TV : Hi-Tech Agriculture

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Digital AgriMedia is an organization based in Gujarat, India. It is widely considered to be the most trusted source for Indian agriculture, particularly for farming. AgriMedia TV is a digital agriculture app that provides education, extension, digitalization, and rural development services. The app offers audio and video education about agriculture, providing valuable information from land preparation to harvesting in Gujarati, Hindi, and English languages. The aim of the organization is to make traditional agriculture more powerful, commercial, and professional.

The Video section of AgriMedia TV offers a collection of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, organic farming, rural development, technology, success stories of farmers, and government scheme videos. The section is designed to provide farmers with technical information in a format that is easy for both educated and uneducated farmers to understand.

AgriMedia TV also offers a Question Answer section where farmers can ask any type of question and receive technical solutions about their problems on their mobile devices in real-time.

The Buy and Sell section is designed to help farmers get the right price for their produce by providing a platform for selling or buying agricultural, horticultural, animal husbandry, and farm machinery products, as well as forest and medicinal produce. AgriMedia TV also provides a platform for companies and distributors to sell their products.

Farmers can get the latest Mandi (Market) prices at nearest centers and also know the national level market prices according to crop and market yards.

2. Case IH AFS Connect Farm

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The Case IH AFS Connect Farm application allows users to manage their farm activities remotely by connecting directly to their AFS Connect Farm account. It offers features like tracking critical metrics from in-field equipment, visualizing agronomic data layers, and documenting yield-limiting pests, weeds, and diseases from a mobile device.

Users of the app can view field boundaries, receive turn-by-turn directions to fields, remotely maintain jobs like planting, spraying, and harvest activities, and track the status and critical metrics of in-field machinery. Additionally, they can record farm input usage, seeding records, manage harvest yields, and photograph and record scouting observations on-the-go.

The app also enables users to track the critical performance of every field and activity on their farm from any location, helping them make better decisions throughout the season. By utilizing the app’s powerful management functionality, users can lower input and setup costs, boost yields, and maximize their returns.

AFS Connect Farm online accounts are available through authorized Case IH dealerships, and the continued use of GPS may decrease battery life.


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AGBRIDGE has introduced a new mobile app that can be used in conjunction with the AGBRIDGE Drive to extract as-applied data and maps from field computers that feature a USB interface. The field computers that are currently supported by this app include John Deere, Case IH, Agleader, Trimble, and Raven.

For users who purchase a subscription, the app offers a range of features. These include the ability to send all exported field data from a supported computer to cloud storage for safekeeping, and automatic syncing to a desktop computer (Windows or Mac) for processing. Furthermore, users can send prescription and guidance files from their desktop to a specific field computer by simply copying the prescription to a folder on their desktop. Lastly, the app also allows users the ability to send guidance lines from one controller to another.

For further information on AGBRIDGE’s features and pricing, please visit their website at http://www.scruggseq.com/products/agbridge/.

4. AgWeb News & Markets

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AGWEB.com is a reliable source of agribusiness news and advice, providing readers with the latest developments in ag management, farm business blogs, and articles. With a focus on the agricultural industry, AGWEB.com is a trusted source of information for individuals seeking current and relevant insights into the world of farming and agriculture. Whether you are a farmer, agriculture professional, or simply interested in the industry, AGWEB.com offers a wealth of resources and news updates to help you stay informed and up-to-date.

Through its website, AGWEB.com delivers a consistently high standard of technical writing and reliable reporting. The site is organized to make it easy for readers to access and navigate information. The content is broken down into different categories, including news, markets, weather, and opinion, allowing readers to quickly find the information they need. Additionally, the site provides access to a range of resources, including agricultural podcasts, webinars, and videos, which help further educate and inform readers about key topics in the industry.

Whether you need information on new farming techniques, advice on how to manage your agribusiness, or insights into the latest trends in the industry, AGWEB.com is the place to turn to. With its professional and informative articles, blogs, and news updates, the site provides a valuable resource for anyone involved in the world of farming and agriculture. The site is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that readers always have access to the latest news and developments in the industry.

5. IFFCO Kisan- Agriculture App

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The IFFCO Kisaan App is a popular and highly regarded application in India that is dedicated to providing farmers with relevant and customized agricultural information. The app offers a range of features including access to the latest mandi prices, weather forecasts, agricultural advisories, animal husbandry, horticulture tips, and all agriculture related news and government schemes. It is available in 11 Indian languages in both text and audio form to assist farmers who are most comfortable using their mother tongue.

The weather section of the app allows farmers to access instant weather forecasts for the next five days with temperature, relative humidity, rainfall possibility, expected wind speed and direction, and the ability to add or remove preferred locations for weather data access. The app helps farmers to plan and take corrective action for agricultural and farming related activities. At a time, two districts can be selected as preferences for weather data access. The data source for this feature is IMD.

The market or mandi feature enables farmers to get instant access to mandi prices for their produce, market status, prevailing trade prices, and quantity. Farmers can also view price trends for their produce and plan sales accordingly. The feature provides the last three updates on transactions in the market for any agricultural commodity at any point in time. The data sources for this feature are AGMARKNET & NCEDX.

The agricultural advisories section provides crop-specific advisory services for various agro-climatic zones.

6. Fosholi – Best Agriculture App

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Fosholi is a digital platform that provides advisory services for farmers in Bangladesh. This app disseminates high-quality farming information in both static and dynamic forms, with over 105,000 farmers regularly receiving relevant information and advisory services in their own area. The platform is designed to enable farmers to become smart farmers and its services are broadly classified into the areas of pre-cultivation, cultivation, post-cultivation, weather forecast, my crop, knowledge bank, farmer’s toolbox, and question bank.

Fosholi is the best agriculture app in Bangladesh, and it offers a range of services to farmers. These services include selecting the most suitable crop variety by location and soil condition, getting crop production-related accurate information and pest & disease alerts in advance, finding locations of nearest markets, price and advice on crop storage, reducing crop damage by using timely forecasts and disaster warnings, obtaining location-specific and crop-specific customized agronomic advices for the full crop season, learning about advanced agricultural information and technologies, using advanced agricultural tools and practices for maximum productivity, and submitting questions with pictures of the plant’s condition, land, and other conditions and getting an answer to queries from agriculture experts.

The project was implemented under the name ‘Fosholi’ in Bangla and ‘Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS)’ in English.

7. AgriApp : Smart Farming App for Indian Agriculture

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AgriApp is a mobile application for Android devices that offers a comprehensive solution for crop production and management. It supplies information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, smart farming with agriculture, and allied services, while also serving as an online marketplace for farmers, Agri input, retailers, and fulfillment services. Additionally, it provides services such as Crop Advisory, Soil Testing, Drone Services, and Crop Practices.

The app is powered by passionate professionals who strive to make agriculture more sustainable, both ecologically and economically. It aims to be beneficial to the farming community by offering various features such as Buy Crop Solutions & Market Price, Crop Practices, Crop Advisory, Crop Care, Soil Testing, Satellite Insights, Community, News and Videos, Weather, and Blogs.

The Buy Crop Solutions & Market Price section allows farmers to purchase various products, including Crop Tonics, Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Spreaders, while also providing a variety of solutions to meet their farming needs. Crop Practices offers complete information on crop management, including Package of Practices (PoP’s) for each crop. Crop Advisory provides real-time Agro Advisory services through Chat, Videos, or Images in the local language, including weather, disease, latest crop price, Soil Health, and Nutrition deficiency.

Crop Care offers a personalized crop calendar of events for each farmer and crop, while Soil Testing provides soil analysis and testing services to check the amount of important nutrients for fertility, pH, and lime level.

8. BharatAgri: Smart Kisaan App

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BharatAgri is a smart farming app that helps Indian farmers increase their overall farm income using agri tech solutions like smart satellite mapping, weather forecasting, soil testing, and water testing. With access to necessary information and smart farming practices, BharatAgri farmers have been able to increase their farm income by up to ₹50,000 per acre. The app provides personalized crop calendars, crop advisory, and crop information right from crop choice to harvesting with best agronomy solutions, leading to up to a 60% increase in crop production and up to a 40% decrease in cultivation cost.

It is crucial to have weather forecasts, pest and disease management, and timely guidance from crop experts for better crop growth. The adverse effects of unpredictable weather on agriculture can lead to farm losses. Traditional strategies or improper farm management can also incur losses. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a good app for farmers that works as a crop protection app and improves crop management.

The BharatAgri app offers personalized crop calendars, crop advisory, and crop information to farmers. The app provides access to Krushi Gyan from agriculture professionals, helping farmers become smart farmers. The app’s unique features include pest and disease management for crop protection, satellite imagery of farms for monitoring vegetative growth and preventive measures against pest attacks and diseases, accurate weather forecasting, and soil and water testing.

BharatAgri’s personalized crop calendar helps increase farm produce, making it effective for farmers.