9 Best Action Camera App For Android

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Download the Best Action Camera App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAction cameras are becoming increasingly popular for capturing thrilling and exciting moments in sports and outdoor adventures. These cameras offer high-quality video footage and images that provide users with a unique perspective of their experiences. However, the footage captured by action cameras often requires editing to enhance the quality and create professional-looking content. This is where the best action camera app for Android comes into play. With numerous options available in the market, finding the right app that suits your needs can be overwhelming.

One of the most important features to consider when choosing an action camera app for Android is its compatibility with your camera. The app should support a wide range of action cameras and their features to ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance. Additionally, a good action camera app should have simple and user-friendly interface to enable easy navigation and editing. The app should also offer a range of editing tools such as filters, cropping, and trimming to enhance the footage and create personalized content.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Action Camera App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Action Camera App For Android

1. iSmart DV2

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This app serves as a remote controller for cameras that are equipped with iCatch Technology Inc.’s new chip. The latest design version promises increased speed and compatibility. Users can connect their camera or action cam to an Android smart phone or pad via the iSmart DV 2 App. Once established, users have the ability to live stream camera footage, take pictures, trigger movie recording, view thumbnails, and download videos or pictures.

To establish a connection, users must open the camera WiFi, switch their phone to airplane mode, turn off the smart network switch function in the WIFI advanced setting (if necessary), connect to the camera WiFi access point (with the password provided in the manual), and finally, open the app.

This app includes various features such as live streaming from the camera, delay capture, burst shot, video quality and image size changes, white-balance adjustment, SD card formatting, file listing, deleting and downloading, single photo playback, automatic time correction with Android Smart Phone or Pad upon connection, and smoother preview streaming.

The app also offers additional features such as video playback with audio before download, upside-down support, and slow motion. However, these features are dependent on the camera device, so it is important to ensure that the camera has these capabilities before use.

2. Video Editor

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Fun Video App Studio offers a free video maker with various features to assist users in creating great videos in a short amount of time. Users can select photos and videos from their gallery and edit them with filters, transitions, music, voiceovers, and other customization options. Additionally, users can control the video’s speed with slow motion or fast motion effects, add text with various fonts and animations, and merge multiple videos into one file. The app offers 20+ filters and 10+ classic transitions to enhance the video’s quality. The app is available for free and without a watermark. Users can contact the company’s customer service for any inquiries.

3. GoAction

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To control your GoAction Cam, you can establish a connection to an Android smartphone or tablet. Once connected, you can live view the camera’s video stream, take pictures, trigger movie recording, view thumbnails, and download videos or pictures. The following steps should be followed to establish the connection: open the camera WiFi, open the GoAction App, and click on the connect camera button. The camera’s password is available in the manual.

The GoAction Cam offers various features to the user, including live preview streaming from the camera, triggering action to take a video or picture, burst shot support, delay capture support, video quality change support, image size change support, SD card formatting, file listing, downloading, and deleting, single photo playback, automatic time correction with Android Smart Phone or Pad, smoother preview streaming, video playback with audio before downloading, upside-down support, and slow motion support. However, some features may not be available on all camera devices; it is best to check whether your camera has them.

By following the steps and utilizing the features, the user can easily control and manage their GoAction Cam using an Android device.

4. Action Cam App

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This product is designed to enable the quick and easy creation of visually striking movies. It offers several useful features that allow users to cut, trim, and make slow motion videos effortlessly. Additionally, it enables the creation of time-lapse videos with Pan and Zoom IN/OUT effect up to 30 seconds. Users can flip videos both vertically and horizontally and add music to create impressive videos.

This product also allows for the transfer of videos and pictures for Time-lapse easily to mobile devices via Wi-Fi, ensuring seamless workflow. Users can easily create high-quality videos, with the option of choosing between 720 (HD) or 1080 (Full HD) resolutions. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The compatible products for this application include FDR-X3000/ X1000V, HDR-AS300/ AS200V/ AS100V/ AS50/ AS30V*/ AS20/ AS15*, and HDR-AZ1. However, users of HDR-AS30V and HDR-AS15 must ensure that their camera software is up to date. It is essential to note that some products may not be available in certain regions.


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SYMAGIX offers a solution that enables users to manage their action recorder utilizing smart devices. This allows for remote viewfinder/preview capabilities and access to a photo album.

6. GoPlus Cam

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The GoPlus Cam is a versatile device that offers several practical features and is designed to be the ideal companion for Generalplus Wifi video recorder solutions. The camera boasts a smooth browsing experience and a simplified design that allows users to focus on capturing the most beautiful scenery.

One of the standout features of the GoPlus Cam is its player, which allows for on-the-fly video streaming at proper resolutions. Users can also browse video files stored on the device through video streaming and sync between the system photo database and remote storage. Additionally, users can browse and download video files to the local device and playback seamlessly. The camera offers low latency streaming and smart video quality control, as well as device battery level detection.

The GoPlus Cam also offers several configuration options, including resolution and quality selection in record mode and sensor parameter adjustment in capture mode. Users can also adjust generic system settings as needed.

In terms of security, the GoPlus Cam features encryption that authorizes it with Generalplus devices. Users can also configure the device’s SSID name and password to protect its contents. Overall, the GoPlus Cam is a reliable and robust camera that is ideal for capturing high-quality video footage with ease.

7. Ez iCam

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The Ez iCam application allows users to view real-time camera footage from their smartphone or tablet. Users can also take photos and record videos by using their smartphone as a Wi-Fi remote control. Additionally, the application enables users to upload camera files and provide shared access to them via email.

Key features of the application include the ability to view real-time camera footage, play videos, and view photos. Users can also adjust video resolution, image size, and white balance. They can view and delete files on the microSD card installed in the camera, and format the microSD card. The application also displays the battery status and Wi-Fi signal level, and allows for video editing.

8. XDV

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XDV is a video surveillance software that streams live video from a motion camera through a hotspot connection between an iPhone and the camera’s main chip, which is based on Zhuhai Allwinner technology. The software utilizes advanced streaming media technology to achieve low latency and high-quality images.

The software offers several features, including live preview of motion camera video, control of motion camera operations (such as taking pictures, videos, and slow-motion photography), and camera features like time-lapse recording and automatic camera trajectory.

Users can also directly configure settings on the motion camera terminal (such as exposure and white balance) through the software. Real-time browsing and file management of motion camera files on the terminal is also available, with the option to download files for backup onto a connected phone.

In addition, the software allows for downloading of pictures and video files from the motion camera even without a connection to the camera. Users can also share their files on social media platforms.

9. I Action Cam

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I Action Cam is a WiFi control software created by Soocoo Technology. It enables users to remotely operate their WiFi series products via this app on smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. The software includes features like live previewing, taking pictures, shooting videos, replaying, and downloading files.

The application allows for wireless control of various WiFi series products, offering greater convenience and ease of use for users. With the software installed on smart devices, users can perform a range of functions such as capturing photos, recording videos, and downloading files all remotely.

The software is designed to work seamlessly with WiFi series products offered by Soocoo Technology. It provides reliable and efficient performance, ensuring that users can easily control their WiFi series products. Additionally, the app offers live previewing capabilities, allowing users to view real-time footage and capture images and videos accordingly.

Overall, I Action Cam is a smart WiFi control software that allows for effortless control of WiFi series products. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this app offers a convenient and practical solution for users looking to streamline their remote control experience.