Lost Something?
Introducing TrackR, locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android.
How it Works
TrackR enables you to easily keep track of your items and stay organized. The TrackR app runs on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The app connects to TrackR devices that have been attached to commonly misplaced belongings such as keys, wallets, purses, luggage, and more. From the app, you can quickly locate any item and stop wasting time on endless scavenger hunts.
  • Compatability
    Works with iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd Generation & later, and Android 4.4 devices with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Crowd GPS
    If you lose an item or have an item stolen, the TrackR community is put on alert. When another user walks by your item, you will be updated with the item's latest location
  • 2 Way Ringer
    Quickly find your lost item or phone. Tap the button on the app to cause the TrackR device to ring or press the button on the TrackR device to ring your lost phone, even if it's on silent
  • Item Location
    TrackR displays a map showing where all your items are located enabling effortless organization
  • No Recharging
    Don't worry about batteries. TrackR lasts for over 1 year on an easy to replace coin cell battery
  • Distance Indicator
    TrackR displays the distance between yourself and your items. Finding the keys under the couch cushion has never been so easy
  • Multiple Item Tracking
    TrackR can keep track of all your essential items. A single phone or tablet can track up to 10 items simultaneously
  • Completely Customizable
    Customize your experience with sounds, alert settings, and more
Device Features
  • Optimized Designs
    We believe how we interact each item is different. So the device we use to track each item must be customized to match that item. There are multiple TrackR form factors customized for wallets, keys, purses, luggage, and more
  • Plus Battery Life
    TrackR devices have been engineered for a battery life that lasts years, not weeks
  • Phone Finder
    All TrackR devices include a button to ring your lost phone or tablet enabling complete protection against lost
  • Replaceable Battery
    TrackR devices are designed with easy to replace batteries and the devices are engineered to be used for years
  • Buy
"It could be its handiest device yet"
"So how does it work in the real world? ....pretty well"
"the darn thing actually fits inside of your wallet"
"It’s pretty clever."